The purpose of the JAC is to provide a means of communication between undergraduate students and senior members of the Department. The minutes of JAC meeings form a standing item at the termly Departmental Meetings for senior members of the Department, and in turn the response of the Departmental Meetings forms a standing item at the JAC meetings. Any undergraduate may raise issues at JAC meetings, either through their year representative or in person.

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Meetings are usually held on the last Wednesday of term, at 1.00pm in the ASNC Common Room. Dates for the coming academic year are as follows:

13:00-14:00 Wednesday, 30 November 2016 in the ASNC Common Room
13:00-14:00 Wednesday, 15 March 2017 in the ASNC Common Room
13:00-14:00 Wednesday, 14 June 2017 in the ASNC Common Room

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There are 5 members of the JAC comprised of one representative from each year group, the Director of Undergraduate Studies as Chair and one other senior member as secretary. Members of the committee for 2016-17 are:
  • Dr Elizabeth Rowe (Chair) (covered by Prof Simon Keynes in Michaelmas)
  • Student Reps to be confirmed

Any member of the Department may attend and speak at meetings, but only members of the committee may vote.

New elections will take place in Michaelmas Term 2016.



Elections take place in Michaelmas Term each year, coordinated by the Senior Secretary (Academic Support). Students will be contacted by email to ask for nominations. As well as forming a mechanism by which the department can respond to student feedback, this is a good opportinity for students to enhance their CV and demonstrate skills/attributes which employers will look for (with relatively little time commitment)- students are warmly encouraged to get involved.