Current PhD Students

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Ben Allport [ba288] (Girton) Regional Influences in the State Formation of Norway, 900-1066 Dr Elizabeth Rowe
Julia Bolotina [jb781] (St John's)

Church, Laity, and Anglo-Saxon Medicine

Dr Debby Banham
David Callander [dc549] (Emmanuel) Narrative in Welsh and English Poetry Before c.1250 Prof. Paul Russell
Caitlin Ellis [cme38] (Gonville and Caius) The Norse Diaspora in the Age of Knut Dr Elizabeth Rowe
Albert Fenton [agpf2] (Trinity) The Function of Writs in Anglo-Saxon England Prof. Simon Keynes
Benjamin Guy [bdg25] (Pembroke) Medieval Welsh Genealogies: Texts, Contexts and Transmission Prof. Paul Russell

Anthony Harris [awh28] (Sidney Sussex)

The Lexis of Medieval Computus in Selected Anglo-Latin and Old English Prose Dr Richard Dance
Jonathan Hui [jyhh2] (Corpus Christi) The Matter of Gautland Dr Judy Quinn
Rosalind Lintott [ral62] (Trinity) Insular and Continental Latin Mirabilia Accounts and Encyclopaedia Transmission Dr Rosalind Love
Thomas Lynch [tcl40] (St John's) Ritual in the Cult of the Saints in Early Medieval England Dr Rosalind Love
Rebecca Merkelbach [rm625] (Clare) Characters on the Margin in Icelandic Saga Literature Dr Judy Quinn
William Norman [whn23] (St Catherine's) The Use of National and Popular Identities and Stereotypes for Britain in the 'Íslendingasögur' Dr Elizabeth Rowe
Julianne Pigott [jp605] (Trinity) Cumann Comnae: Constructing Christian Identity in the Bethada of the Book of Lismore Dr Máire Ní Mhaonaigh
Maria Teresa Ramandi [mtr32]
(St. Edmund's)
Latin and Norse in Medieval Icelandic Culture: A Comparative Analysis of Some Translated Saints' Lives [SUBMITTED] Dr Elizabeth Rowe
Rebecca Shercliff [rms90] (St. John's) An Edition and Commentary of 'Tochmarc Ferbe' Dr Máire Ní Mhaonaigh
Joanne Shortt Butler [js616 ] (Clare Hall) The Portrayal of Ójafnaðarmenn and Ofsamenn in the Íslendingasögur [SUBMITTED] Dr Judy Quinn
Harriet Soper [hcs56] (King's) The Anglo-Saxon Life Course: Youth and Age in Old English Literature Dr Richard Dance

Sarah Waidler [sw544] (Trinity Hall)

The Hagiographer and His World: The Writing of Saints' Lives in Ireland in the Central Medieval Period Dr Máire Ní Mhaonaigh
Myriah Williams [mjw202] (Corpus Christi) Studies in the Black Book of Carmarthen. Prof. Paul Russell


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