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Rosula ?Uley, GloucestershireBronze sheet
SearagillusUley, GloucestershireOolitic limestone altar base
SearigisUley, GloucestershireOolitic limestone altar base
SuagriusLondonFourth centuryPewter ingot
SualinosSilchester, HampshireStave of a wooden barrel
Suali[us]CaerwentSamian ware
SulicenaLasborough, GloucestershireDMGabled tombstone
SulinusBath, SomersetVSLMAltar
SulinusBath, SomersetStatue base
SulinusCirencester, GloucestershireVSLMStone altar
SulioVindolanda, NorthumberlandSamian ware
SyagriusLondonFourth centuryPewter ingot