Affiliated B.A. Degree

The M.Phil. in Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic is designed for students who have already done a first degree incorporating work in subjects encompassed by the Department. Students who wish to become competent to carry out scholarly work in one or more of the areas covered, but whose first degree is in a related subject not involving work in any of the central ASNC areas (e.g., in history but with no early medieval component, or in English but with little or no Old English, or in archaeology) might be better advised to consider taking the Affiliated BA degree instead. This is a two-year course, covering the same ground as the first and third years of the undergraduate course, at the end of which the student is entitled to receive a Cambridge BA degree. The course as a whole involves a greater quantity of intensive course-work than the M.Phil course, and it has a smaller research component (a compulsory dissertation in the second year, of between 9,000 and 12,000 words). Further details of the papers included can be found on the Departmental website:

Applications to read for this degree should be sent, not to the Board of Graduate Studies, but to the Admissions Office of the individual college to which the applicant wishes to belong (some colleges specialise in taking students aged 21 or above).