Entry Requirements and Application Procedures

The entry requirement for UK students is normally a good Honours degree (a high 2.i or equivalent) in a relevant subject. Applicants from member-states of the EU and other overseas countries are welcomed. The entry requirements for students from North America will normally be a GPA of 3.7. Applicants should include specific research proposals (of about 500 words) to assist members of the Department in judging the merits of each application. A piece of written academic work, of not more than 5,000 words, should also accompany a formal application. Applications will be assessed on the basis of an equal mix of past academic record, written work, the research proposal, and the Department's ability to provide appropriate-qualified supervision for a given project. The Department may also require applicants to take part in an admission and/or funding interview by telephone or video-conferencing (skype or similar).

Enquiries about applying should be addressed directly to the Convenor of the ASNC M.Phil, or can be sent via the Departmental Secretary (email: office@asnc.cam.ac.uk). Please note that while it is acceptable for prospective applicants to approach members of the Department with enquiries about their planned M.Phil research, the final decision to accept an applicant, and the appointment of a supervisor, rests with the ASNC Graduate Sub-committee alone, and can be dependent on patterns of staff research leave and numbers of current graduate students.

Information on how to apply online can be found on the Board of Graduate Studies website (http://www.graduate.study.cam.ac.uk)

Applicants are encouraged to check the List of Frequently Asked Questions (http://www.graduate.study.cam.ac.uk/faqs/applicant) before calling the Board's admissions office with general enquiries.

Applications must be received by 4 January in the calendar year in which the candidate wishes to be admitted.

General information about the University of Cambridge, including details about the individual colleges, is available at http://www.cam.ac.uk. If an applicant is not already affiliated to a Cambridge college (e.g., through having taken an undergraduate degree there), a choice of colleges must be put on the application form. Details of the separate colleges can be obtained by writing to them individually or by browsing their websites. Most colleges are helpful in providing living accommodation for newly-arrived graduate students; they may also form a focus of social life, but for ASNaC graduate students the Department can also play an important role in this respect.