Formal requirements of the MPhil course

The assessment of the MPhil comprises the following elements:

Review-of-scholarship exercise 10% due end of Michaelmas term
Written exercise 1 15% due end of Lent term
Written exercise 2 15% due end of Lent term
Take-home essay on seminar texts 10% due beginning of Easter term
Dissertation 50% due end of Easter term


In order to pass the M.Phil., candidates must achieve an overall mark of 60. A candidate whose failure in one of the elements (review of scholarship, written exercise(s), or take-home essay) is marginal may be allowed to submit a dissertation if the Department’s Graduate Sub-Committee considers it possible that that candidate will pass on aggregate. If failure in exercises or essays is more than marginal, or if there is failure in more than one element, candidates will not normally be allowed to continue with the course.

Those M.Phil. candidates who wish to proceed to a Cambridge Ph.D. will normally be required to achieve an overall mark of 70 or more, including a mark of not less than 70 on the dissertation. Note, however, that the M.Phil. in Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic is not a prerequisite for studying towards a Ph.D. within the Department; applicants who wish to begin a Ph.D. in ASNC after a Masters or equivalent at another institution, and who can satisfy the requirements of the Board of Graduate Studies, are welcome to apply.