Versions of Sanas Cormaic, with Loman. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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B (main text)H¹aH¹bKLLaMYLoman
B.604 Sobraighit [H¹a] [H¹b] [K] [L] La.197 Subaid M.632 Subaigh [Y] [Loman]
B.605 Subaig H1a.1074 sobraigh H1b.1166 sobraig K.1139 sobraig [L] La.164 Sobraig M.598 Sobhraig Y.1130 Sobraig [Loman]
B.606 Seno H1a.1075 senad H1b.1167 senadd K.1140 sen [L] La.165 Senod M.599 Seanod Y.1131 Senod [Loman]
B.607 Salond H1a.1076 salond H1b.1168 salond K.1141 salond [L] La.166 Salonn M.600 Saland Y.1132 Salonn [Loman]
B.608 Sanas H1a.1077 sanas H1b.1169 sanas K.1142 ssanas [L] La.167 Sanas M.601 Sanais Y.1133 Sanas [Loman]
B.609 Sroll H1a.1078 sroll H1b.1170 sroll K.1143 sroll [L] La.199 Sról [M] [Y] [Loman]
B.610 San H1a.1081 san H1b.1173 san K.1146 san [L] La.198 San M.633 San [Y] [Loman]
B.611 Ségamlæ H1a.1079 segamla H1b.1171 seghamlæ K.1144 segamhla [L] La.168 Segamla M.602 Seaghmhlacht Y.1135 Segamla [Loman]
B.612 Sméroit H1a.1080 smerfoit H1b.1172 smerfhóit K.1145 smerfoit [L] La.169 Sméróit M.603 smeroit Y.1136 Smerfoit [Loman]
B.613 Sirem H1a.1082 sirem H1b.1174 sirem K.1147 sirem [L] La.170 Sirom M.604 Sirim Y.1138 Sirem [Loman]
B.614 Searr H1a.1083 serr H1b.1175 serr K.1148 serr [L] La.171 Serr M.605 Serr Y.1139 Serr [Loman]
B.615 Snuad H1a.1084 snuad H1b.1176 snuad K.1149 snuad [L] La.172 Snúad M.606 Snuadh [Y] [Loman]
B.616 Secc H1a.1085 secc ⁊ secda H1b.1177 secc ⁊ secda K.1150 seac ⁊ secda [L] La.173 Secc ⁊ seccda M.607 Secc Y.1141 Secc [Loman]
B.617 Secnab H1a.1086 secnap H1b.1178 secnap K.1151 secnap [L] La.174 Secnap M.608 Seachnap Y.1142 Secnap [Loman]
B.618 Secht H1a.1087 secht H1b.1179 secht K.1152 secht [L] La.175 Secht M.609 Seacht Y.1143 Secht [Loman]
B.619 Se H1a.1088 se H1b.1180 se K.1153 se [L] [La] M.610 Se Y.1144 Se [Loman]
B.620 Snad H1a.1084 snuad H1b.1176 snuad K.1149 snuad [L] La.172 Snúad M.606 Snuadh [Y] [Loman]
B.621 Spongc H1a.1091 spongc H1b.1183 sponc K.1156 sbonc [L] La.176 Sponc M.611 Sponc Y.1147 Sponc [Loman]
B.622 Sabaltair H1a.1110 sobaltoir H1b.1202 sobaltoir K.1175 sobaltoir [L] La.200 Sopaltair M.634 Sopaltar Y.1166 Sobaltoir [Loman]
B.623 Seist H1a.1092 seit H1b.1184 sest K.1157 sest [L] La.177 Sest M.612 Sest Y.1148 Sest [Loman]
B.624 Spirut H1a.1089 spirat H1b.1181 spirat K.1154 sbirut [L] [La] [M] Y.1145 Spirut [Loman]
B.625 Spiracul H1a.1090 spiracul H1b.1182 spiracul K.1155 sbiracul [L] [La] [M] Y.1146 Spiracul [Loman]
B.626 Screpul H1a.1094 screpul H1b.1186 screpul K.1159 screabul [L] La.179 Screpul M.614 Screapal Y.1150 Screpul [Loman]
B.627 Snáthad H1a.1139 snathad H1b.1231 snathad K.1204 snathad [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1195 YAddSnathad [Loman]
B.628 Saim H1a.1111 saim H1b.1203 saimh K.1176 saimh [L] La.201 Saim M.635 Saim Y.1167 Saim [Loman]
B.629 Simin H1a.1093 semind H1b.1185 semind K.1158 semind [L] La.178 Semind M.613 Semind Y.1149 Semind [Loman]
B.630 Sceng H1a.1095 sceng H1b.1187 sceng K.1160 sceng [L] La.180 Sceng M.615 Seaceng Y.1151 Sceng [Loman]
B.631 Sacart [H¹a] [H¹b] [K] [L] [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
B.632 Sorb H1a.1096 sorb H1b.1188 sorb K.1161 sorb [L] La.181 Sorbb M.616 Sorb Y.1152 Sorb [Loman]
B.633 Slábhradh H1a.1097 slabrad H1b.1189 slabrad K.1162 slabradh [L] La.182 Slabrad M.617 Slabrad Y.1153 Slabrad [Loman]
B.634 Sámrad H1a.1098 samrad H1b.1190 samrad K.1163 samradh [L] La.183 Samrad M.618 Samhradh Y.1154 Samrad [Loman]
B.635 Salt [H¹a] [H¹b] [K] [L] [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
B.636 Sean H1a.1099 sen H1b.1191 sen K.1164 sen [L] La.184 Sen M.619 Sen Y.1170 Sen [Loman]
B.637 Seindser H1a.1100 senser H1b.1192 senser K.1165 senser [L] La.185 Senser M.620 Sinsear Y.1156 Senser [Loman]
B.638 Salcuait H1a.1101 sailchoit H1b.1193 sailcholt K.1166 sailcoit [L] La.186 Sailchóit M.621 Sailchoid Y.1157 Sailchoit [Loman]
B.639 Sadb H1a.1102 sadb H1b.1194 sadb K.1167 sadb [L] La.187 Sadb M.622 Sadhb Y.1158 Sadb [Loman]
B.640 Sine [H¹a] [H¹b] [K] [L] La.188 Sine M.623 Sene [Y] [Loman]
B.641 Serb H1a.1103 Serb H1b.1195 Serb K.1168 Serb [L] La.189 Serb M.624 Sgeanb Y.1159 Serb [Loman]
B.642 Sin H1a.1104 sin H1b.1196 sin K.1169 sin [L] La.190 Sin M.625 Sin [Y] [Loman]
B.643 Ség H1a.1112 segh H1b.1204 seg K.1177 seg [L] La.202 Séd M.636 Sedh Y.1168 Seg [Loman]
B.644 Serrach H1a.1105 serrach H1b.1197 serrach K.1170 serrach [L] La.191 Serrach M.626 Searrach Y.1161 Serrach [Loman]
B.645 Scuit H1a.1128 scuit H1b.1220 scuit K.1193 scuit [L] La.192 Scuit M.627 Scuit YAdd.1184 YAddScuit Loman.166 Scuit
B.646 Sáth H1a.1107 sath H1b.1199 saith K.1172 sath [L] La.193 Sath M.628 Sath Y.1163 Sath [Loman]
B.647 Sanb H1a.1108 Sanb H1b.1200 Sanbh K.1173 Sanb [L] La.194 Sanb M.629 Sanb Y.1164 Sanb [Loman]
B.648 Seng H1a.1115 segan H1b.1207 segon K.1180 segonn [L] La.196 Seṅg M.631 Seang Y.1171 Segon [Loman]
B.649 Sén H1a.1114 sen H1b.1206 sen K.1179 sen [L] La.204 Sen M.638 Sen [Y] [Loman]
B.650 Triath H1a.1140 triath H1b.1232 triath K.1209 triat [L] La.210 Tríath M.644 Triath Y.1202 Triath [Loman]
B.651 breo [H¹a] [H¹b] [K] L.1 Fuirim La.1 hurusa [M] [Y] [Loman]
B.652 Tort H1a.1142 tort H1b.1234 tort K.1207 tort [L] La.208 Tort M.642 Tort Y.1200 Tort [Loman]
B.653 Toisc H1a.1143 toisc H1b.1235 toisc K.1208 toisc [L] La.209 Toisc M.643 Toisc Y.1201 Toisc Loman.210 Toisg
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