Versions of O'Mulconry’s Glossary, with Irsan. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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OM¹ (main text)OM²OM³OM⁴Irsan
OM1.148 §1Bibsach [OM²] OM3.151 Bibsach [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.149 §1Bil [OM²] OM3.152 Bil [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.150 §1Beltine [OM²] OM3.153 Beltine [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.151 §1Bir [OM²] OM3.154 Bir [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.152 §1Bia [OM²] OM3.159 Biad [OM⁴] Irsan.36 §1Biad
OM1.153 §1Bind [OM²] OM3.156 Bind [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.154 §1Bri [OM²] OM3.157 Bri [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.155 §1Brigach [OM²] OM3.158 Brighach [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.156 §1Biad [OM²] OM3.159 Biad [OM⁴] Irsan.36 §1Biad
OM1.157 §1Bi [OM²] OM3.160 Bi [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.158 §1Brind [OM²] OM3.161 Brinn [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.159 §1Brí [OM²] OM3.163 Briathor [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.160 §1Briathor [OM²] OM3.163 Briathor [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.161 §1Bo [OM²] OM3.164 Bo [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.162 §1Bocc [OM²] OM3.165 Bocc [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.163 §1Bodar [OM²] OM3.166 Bodar [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.164 §1Bol [OM²] OM3.167 Bol [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.165 §1Broc [OM²] OM3.168 Broc [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.166 §1Broc [OM²] OM3.169 Broc [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.167 §1Bron [OM²] OM3.171 Bron [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.168 §1Bron [OM²] OM3.171 Bron [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.169 §1Bure [OM²] OM3.172 Bure [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.170 §1Buden [OM²] OM3.173 Buden [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.171 §1Buidhe [OM²] OM3.174 Buide [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.172 §1Buile [OM²] OM3.175 Buile [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.173 §1Bun [OM²] OM3.176 Bun [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.174 §1Bruth [OM²] OM3.177 Bruth [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.175 §2Badud [OM²] OM3.178 Badud [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.176 §2Beillicht [OM²] OM3.179 Beillicht [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.177 §2Braccrad [OM²] OM3.180 Braccrad [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.178 §2Bertrach [OM²] OM3.181 Bertrach [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.179 §2Bairesc [OM²] OM3.182 Bairesc [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.180 §2Blusair [OM²] OM3.183 Blusair [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.181 §2Boirend [OM²] OM3.184 Boirend [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.182 §2Baslec [OM²] OM3.185 Baslec [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.183 §2Blinn auga [OM²] OM3.186 Blinn [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.183a §2Beir [OM²] OM3.187 Berr [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.184 §2Berrad [OM²] OM3.188 Bearrad [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.185 §2Boarucht [OM²] OM3.189 Boarucht [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.186 §2Bladrad [OM²] OM3.190 Bladrad [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.187 §2Billog [OM²] OM3.191 Billog [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.188 §2Bres [OM²] OM3.192 Bres [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.189 §2Bergna [OM²] OM3.193 Bergna [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.190 §2Brasach [OM²] OM3.194 Brasach [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.191 §2Birra [OM²] OM3.195 Birra [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.192 §2Brabluaisc [OM²] OM3.196 Brabluaisc [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.193 §1Cath [OM²] OM3.197 Cath [OM⁴] Irsan.54 §1Cadas
OM1.194 §1Caldæ [OM²] OM3.198 Caldæ [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.195 §1Cáll [OM²] OM3.199 Cáll [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.196 §1Caech [OM²] OM3.200 Cæch [OM⁴] [Irsan]
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