Versions of Sanas Cormaic, with Loman. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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La (main text)BH¹aH¹bKLMYLoman
La.52 Menath B.490 Menad H1a.808 menadh H1b.896 menadh K.872 menad [L] M.484 Menad Y.864 Menadh [Loman]
La.53 Moth B.491 Moth [H¹a] [H¹b] [K] [L] M.485 Moth Y.865 Moth [Loman]
La.54 Man B.492 Man H1a.898 man H1b.988 man K.964 man [L] M.486 Man YAdd.956 YAddMan [Loman]
La.55 Manach B.493 Manach H1a.811 manoch H1b.899 manach K.875 manach [L] M.487 Manach Y.867 Manach [Loman]
La.56 Monach B.494 Monach H1a.812 monach H1b.900 monach K.876 monac [L] M.488 Monach Y.868 Monach [Loman]
La.57 Methoss B.495 Methos H1a.813 methass H1b.901 methass K.877 metass [L] M.489 Methos Y.869 Methass [Loman]
La.58 Molad B.496 Molad H1a.814 molodh H1b.902 molod K.878 molad [L] M.490 Molod Y.870 Molod [Loman]
La.59 Menmchossach B.497 Menmchosach H1a.815 mencasach H1b.903 menmchasach K.879 menmcasach [L] M.491 Menmchosach Y.871 Menmchasach [Loman]
La.60 Muirtchend B.498 Muirtchend H1a.816 mortcend H1b.904 mortchend K.880 moirtcend [L] M.492 Muirtchend Y.872 Mortcend [Loman]
La.61 Muilend B.499 Muilend H1a.818 muilend H1b.906 muileand K.882 muilend [L] M.493 Mulend Y.874 Muilend [Loman]
La.62 Mertrech B.500 Merdrech H1a.819 merdrech H1b.907 merdrec K.883 meirdrech [L] M.494 Merdręch Y.875 Merdrech [Loman]
La.63 Mátt B.502 Mát H1a.820 Mut H1b.908 mat K.884 mat [L] M.495 Mat [Y] [Loman]
La.64 Mann B.503 Mánd H1a.821 mand H1b.909 mand K.885 mand [L] M.496 Mand Y.877 Mand [Loman]
La.65 Munnu B.504 Munnu H1a.822 Munda H1b.910 Munda K.886 Munda [L] M.497 Mundu Y.878 Mundu [Loman]
La.66 Milis [B] [H¹a] [H¹b] [K] [L] M.498 Milis [Y] [Loman]
La.67 Mál B.505 Mál [H¹a] [H¹b] K.889 mal [L] M.499 Mal Y.881 Mál [Loman]
La.68 Mairenn B.506 Muirend [H¹a] [H¹b] K.890 Muirend [L] M.500 Mairend Y.882 Muirend [Loman]
La.69 Mugeme B.507 Mogheime H1a.827 Mugh Eme H1b.915 Mugh Eme K.891 Mug Eime [L] M.502 Mugeme Y.883 Mugh [Loman]
La.70 Mumu B.508 Muma H1a.828 Mumo H1b.916 Muma K.892 Muma [L] M.503 Mumu Y.884 Muma [Loman]
La.71 Mug B.509 Mug H1a.829 mugh H1b.917 mugh K.893 mugh [L] M.504 Mugh Y.885 Mugh [Loman]
La.72 Mugsaine B.510 Mugsaine H1a.830 mugsaine H1b.918 mugsaine K.894 mugsaine [L] M.505 Mugsine Y.886 Mugsaine [Loman]
La.73 Much B.511 Much H1a.831 much H1b.919 much K.895 much [L] M.506 Mug Y.887 Much [Loman]
La.74 Mil B.512 Mills H1a.832 mil H1b.920 mil K.896 mil [L] M.507 Mil Y.888 Mil [Loman]
La.75 Midach B.513 Midach H1a.833 midach H1b.921 midach K.897 midach [L] M.508 Midach [Y] [Loman]
La.76 Mér B.514 Mear H1a.834 mer H1b.922 mer K.898 mer [L] M.509 Mer [Y] [Loman]
La.77 Meracht B.515 Meracht H1a.835 meracht H1b.923 meracht K.899 mearacht [L] M.510 Meracht Y.891 Meracht [Loman]
La.78 Mairt B.516 Mairt H1a.836 mairt H1b.924 mairt K.900 mairt [L] M.511 Mairt [Y] [Loman]
La.79 Míndech [B] H1a.837 mindech H1b.925 mindech K.901 mindeach [L] M.512 Mindech Y.893 Mindech [Loman]
La.80 Mart B.517 Mart H1a.838 mart H1b.926 mart K.902 mart [L] M.513 Mart Y.894 Mart Loman.49 Mart
La.81 Mortlaith B.518 Mortlaith H1a.839 molł rtlaith H1b.927 mortlaith K.903 mortlaith [L] M.514 Mortlaid Y.895 Mortlaith [Loman]
La.82 Manannan mac Lir B.519 Manannan mac lir H1a.840 Manandan mac Lir H1b.928 Manandan mac Lir K.904 Manandan mac Lir [L] M.516 Manannan mac lir Y.896 Manandan [Loman]
La.83 Nie B.520 Niæ H1a.903 nia H1b.993 nia K.967 nia [L] M.517 Nie [Y] [Loman]
La.84 Nemnall B.521 Nemnuall. H1a.904 nemnuall H1b.994 nemnall K.968 nemnall [L] M.518 Nemnall Y.960 Nemnall [Loman]
La.85 Nínus B.522 Ninus H1a.905 ninfos H1b.995 ninfos K.969 ninfos [L] M.519 Ninos [Y] [Loman]
La.86 Nemeth B.525 Nemḟuath. H1a.908 nemuath H1b.998 nemuath K.972 nemuath [L] M.522 Nemhuath Y.964 Nemúath [Loman]
La.87 Néit B.526 Neith H1a.909 Neit H1b.999 Neid K.973 Neid [L] M.523 Ned Y.965 Neid [Loman]
La.88 Niacc B.527 Nac H1a.910 nacc H1b.1000 nacc K.974 nag [L] M.524 Niac Y.966 Nac [Loman]
La.89 Nith B.528 Nith H1a.917 nith H1b.1007 nith K.981 nith [L] M.530 Nith Y.973 Nith [Loman]
La.90 Ner B.529 Ner H1a.912 ner H1b.1002 ner K.976 ner [L] M.525 Ner Y.968 Ner [Loman]
La.91 Nóe B.530 Noe H1a.913 noe H1b.1003 noe K.977 noe [L] M.526 Y.969 Noe [Loman]
La.92 Noes B.531 Noes H1a.914 nos H1b.1004 nos K.978 nos [L] M.527 Noeis Y.970 Nos [Loman]
La.93 Nim B.532 Nimb H1a.915 nimb H1b.1005 nimb K.979 nimb [L] M.528 Nim Y.971 Nimb [Loman]
La.94 Nairnne B.533 Nairne [H¹a] [H¹b] K.980 nairne [L] M.529 Nairime [Y] [Loman]
La.95 Nith B.528 Nith H1a.917 nith H1b.1007 nith K.981 nith [L] M.530 Nith Y.973 Nith [Loman]
La.96 Nescoit B.535 Nescoit H1a.919 nescoit H1b.1009 nesscoit K.983 nescoit [L] M.532 Neasgoid Y.975 Nesscoit [Loman]
La.98 Olldam{?} B.537 Ollamh. H1a.943 olldam H1b.1033 olldam K.1007 ollamh [L] M.534 Olldham Y.998 Olldam [Loman]
La.99 Ói B.538 H1a.944 oi H1b.1034 K.1008 [L] M.535 Ol Y.999 Ói [Loman]
La.100 Omelgg [B] H1a.945 Oimelc H1b.1035 Oimelc K.1009 oimelc [L] M.536 Ommęlg Y.1000 Óimelc [Loman]
La.101 Óen B.539 Oen H1a.946 oen H1b.1036 oen K.1010 oen [L] M.537 oen Y.1001 Oen [Loman]
La.102 Oénach B.540 Oenach H1a.947 oenach H1b.1037 oenach K.1011 oenach [L] M.538 Oenach Y.1002 Oenach [Loman]
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