Versions of O'Mulconry’s Glossary, with Irsan. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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OM³ (main text)OM¹OM²OM⁴Irsan
OM3.51 Aprind OM1.51 §1aAprinn [OM²] OM4.51 Aprinn [Irsan]
OM3.52 Ar OM1.52 §1aAr [OM²] OM4.52 Ar [Irsan]
OM3.53 Arge OM1.53 §1aArge [OM²] OM4.53 Arge [Irsan]
OM3.54 Aire OM1.54 §1aAire ⁊ arae [OM²] OM4.54 Aire ⁊ arae [Irsan]
OM3.55 Art OM1.55 §1aArt [OM²] OM4.55 Art [Irsan]
OM3.56 Art OM1.56 §1aArt ⁊ anart [OM²] OM4.56 Art ⁊ anart [Irsan]
OM3.57 Arg OM1.57 §1aArg fiann [OM²] OM4.57 Arg fiann Irsan.26 §1Arg
OM3.58 Arus OM1.58 §1aAruss [OM²] OM4.58 Arus [Irsan]
OM3.59 Asclang OM1.59 §1aAsclang [OM²] OM4.59 Asclang [Irsan]
OM3.60 Aurtag OM1.60 §1aAurtag [OM²] OM4.60 Aurtag [Irsan]
OM3.61 Assa OM1.61 §1aAssa [OM²] OM4.61 Assa [Irsan]
OM3.62 Aisne OM1.62 §1aAsne [OM²] OM4.62 Aisne [Irsan]
OM3.63 Astilia OM1.96 §2Astal [OM²] OM4.96 Astal [Irsan]
OM3.64 Aisti OM1.64 §1aAisti [OM²] OM4.64 Aisti [Irsan]
OM3.65 Ass OM1.65 §1aAss [OM²] OM4.65 Ass [Irsan]
OM3.66 Aslinge OM1.66 §1aAslinge [OM²] OM4.66 Aslinge [Irsan]
OM3.67 Augra OM1.67 §1aAugra [OM²] OM4.67 Augra [Irsan]
OM3.68 Athal OM1.68 §1aAthal [OM²] OM4.68 Athal [Irsan]
OM3.69 Athaile OM1.69 §1aAthaile [OM²] OM4.69 Athaile [Irsan]
OM3.70 Airbri OM1.70 §1bAirbri [OM²] OM4.70 Airbri [Irsan]
OM3.71 Acallaim OM1.71 §1bAcallaim [OM²] OM4.71 Acallaim [Irsan]
OM3.72 Adas OM1.72 §1bAdas [OM²] OM4.72 Adas [Irsan]
OM3.73 Adall OM1.73 §1bAdall [OM²] OM4.73 Adall [Irsan]
OM3.74 Adultair OM1.74 §1bAdaltair [OM²] OM4.74 Adaltair [Irsan]
OM3.75 Aer OM1.75 §1bAer [OM²] OM4.75 Aer [Irsan]
OM3.76 Ag OM1.76 §1bAg [OM²] OM4.76 Agh [Irsan]
OM3.77 Aile OM1.77 §1bAile [OM²] OM4.77 Aile [Irsan]
OM3.78 Airide OM1.426 §1Eridhe [OM²] OM4.78 Airide [Irsan]
OM3.79 Aimind OM1.79 §1bAimind [OM²] OM4.79 Aimind [Irsan]
OM3.80 Aíne OM1.80 §1bAine [OM²] OM4.80 Aíne [Irsan]
OM3.81 Airideog OM1.81 §1bAirideog [OM²] OM4.81 Airideog [Irsan]
OM3.82 Ach OM1.82 §1bAch [OM²] OM4.82 Ach [Irsan]
OM3.83 Allis OM1.83 §1bAllis [OM²] OM4.83 Allis [Irsan]
OM3.84 Amae OM1.84 §1bAmae [OM²] OM4.84 Amæ [Irsan]
OM3.85 Amen OM1.85 §1bAmen [OM²] OM4.85 Amen [Irsan]
OM3.86 Anae OM1.86 §1bAnae [OM²] OM4.86 Anæ [Irsan]
OM3.87 Aninæ OM1.87 §1bAninæ [OM²] OM4.87 Aninæ [Irsan]
OM3.88 Anim OM1.88 §1bAnim [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.89 Anapar OM1.89 §1bAnapar [OM²] OM4.88 Anapar [Irsan]
OM3.90 Apolis OM1.90 §1bApolis [OM²] OM4.89 Apolis [Irsan]
OM3.91 adart OM1.90a §1bAdart [OM²] OM4.90 Adart [Irsan]
OM3.92 Artene OM1.91 §1bArtene [OM²] OM4.91 Artene [Irsan]
OM3.93 Au OM1.92 §1bAu [OM²] OM4.92 Au [Irsan]
OM3.94 Ass OM1.93 §1bAss [OM²] OM4.93 Ass [Irsan]
OM3.95 Atenn OM1.94 §1bAtenn [OM²] OM4.94 Aitend [Irsan]
OM3.96 Aod OM1.95 §2Æd [OM²] OM4.95 Aedh ⁊ tnu ⁊ smer ⁊ bod [Irsan]
OM3.97 Asdul OM1.96 §2Astal [OM²] OM4.96 Astal [Irsan]
OM3.98 Amnas OM1.97 §2Amnas [OM²] OM4.97 Amhnas [Irsan]
OM3.99 Andoin OM1.98 §2Andoin [OM²] OM4.98 Andoin [Irsan]
OM3.100 Aimenn OM1.99 §2Aimenn [OM²] OM4.99 Aimend [Irsan]
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