Versions of Sanas Cormaic, with Loman. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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H¹b (main text)BH¹aKLLaMYLoman
H1b.751 Gallcobor [B] H1a.664 Gallcobor K.728 Gallcobor [L] [La] [M] YAdd.720 YAddGallcobar [Loman]
H1b.752 golltraige [B] H1a.665 goltraige K.729 golltraige [L] [La] [M] YAdd.721 YAddGolltraigi [Loman]
H1b.753 gentraige [B] H1a.666 gentraige K.730 gentraige [L] [La] [M] YAdd.722 YAddGentraigi [Loman]
H1b.754 Garman [B] H1a.1230 urgbail [K] [L] [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
H1b.755 graibre [B] H1a.668 graibre K.732 graibri [L] [La] [M] YAdd.724 YAddGraibre [Loman]
H1b.756 gruc [B] [H¹a] K.733 grug [L] [La] [M] YAdd.725 YAddGruc [Loman]
H1b.757 galgat [B] H1a.670 galgat K.734 gallgad [L] [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
H1b.758 grech [B] [H¹a] K.735 grech [L] [La] [M] YAdd.727 YAddGrech [Loman]
H1b.759 grend [B] H1a.671 grend K.736 grend [L] [La] [M] YAdd.728 YAddGrend [Loman]
H1b.760 guaire [B] H1a.1230 urgbail [K] [L] [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
H1b.761 giritan [B] H1a.673 giratan K.738 giradan [L] [La] [M] YAdd.730 YAddGiritan [Loman]
H1b.762 grace [B] H1a.674 grace K.739 graice [L] [La] [M] YAdd.731 YAddGrace [Loman]
H1b.763 gibne [B] H1a.1230 urgbail [K] [L] [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
H1b.764 Issa B.418 IHC H1a.676 Isa K.741 Isa [L] [La] M.411 ISu Y.733 Íssa [Loman]
H1b.765 iubar B.419 Hibar H1a.677 iubar K.742 iubar [L] [La] M.412 Ibar Y.734 Iubar [Loman]
H1b.766 Itharnnae B.420 Hitharna H1a.678 itharna K.743 itharnnæ [L] [La] M.413 Itharne Y.735 Itharnnæ [Loman]
H1b.767 iasc B.421 Iasc H1a.728 iasc K.793 iasc [L] [La] M.414 Iascc YAdd.785 YAddIasc [Loman]
H1b.768 Innmus B.422 Hindmaiss H1a.680 indmus K.745 innmus [L] [La] M.415 INmus Y.737 Innmus [Loman]
H1b.769 isel B.423 Híseal H1a.718 isil K.783 ísil [L] [La] M.416 ISel YAdd.775 YAddIsil [Loman]
H1b.770 iarnn B.424 Hiarn H1a.682 iarn K.747 iarnd [L] [La] M.417 Iarnn Y.739 Iarnn [Loman]
H1b.771 imesorguin B.425 Himesorcain H1a.683 imesorgain K.748 imæsorgain [L] [La] M.418 IMsergon Y.740 Imesorguin [Loman]
H1b.772 imrim B.426 Himrimm H1a.684 imrim K.749 imrim [L] [La] M.419 IMrim Y.741 Imrim [Loman]
H1b.773 imbliu B.427 Himbliu H1a.685 imbliu K.750 imliu [L] [La] M.420 IMbliu Y.742 Imbliu [Loman]
H1b.774 imliuch B.428 Himbliuch H1a.686 imloch K.751 imliuc [L] [La] M.421 IMbliuch Y.743 Imliuch [Loman]
H1b.775 inis [B] H1a.687 inis K.752 inis [L] [La] M.422 Inis Y.744 Inis [Loman]
H1b.776 insae B.429 Hinis H1a.688 inndsa K.753 insæ [L] [La] M.423 inse Y.745 Insæ [Loman]
H1b.777 insamuin B.430 Hinsainhain H1a.689 innsamuin K.754 insamhain [L] [La] M.424 INsamuin Y.746 Insamuin [Loman]
H1b.778 indrosc B.432 Hinrosc H1a.690 indrosc K.755 indarosc [L] [La] M.425 INdrosg Y.747 Indrosc [Loman]
H1b.779 ib B.431 Ib H1a.691 ibh K.756 ib [L] [La] M.426 Ibh Y.748 Ib [Loman]
H1b.780 imortan B.433 Himortan H1a.692 imortan K.757 imortan [L] [La] M.427 IMorthan. Y.749 Imortan [Loman]
H1b.781 ia B.434 Hia H1a.693 ia K.758 ia [L] [La] M.428 IA Y.750 Ia [Loman]
H1b.782 idol B.436 Hidoss H1a.694 iodal K.759 idol [L] [La] M.429 Idol Y.751 Idol [Loman]
H1b.783 indelba B.437 Hindelba H1a.695 indelba K.760 indelba [L] [La] M.430 INdelba Y.752 Indelba [Loman]
H1b.784 immbath B.438 Himbath H1a.696 imbath K.761 immbath [L] [La] M.431 IMbath Y.753 Immbath [Loman]
H1b.785 idon B.439 Hidan H1a.697 idon K.762 idon [L] [La] M.432 Idan Y.754 Idon [Loman]
H1b.786 iarnnberlæ B.440 Hiarnbelra H1a.698 iarmberla K.763 iarnnberla [L] [La] M.433 iarmberla Y.755 Iarnnberlae [Loman]
H1b.787 imbas forosnæ B.441 Himbas forosnai H1a.699 imbhus forosna K.764 imbas forosnæ [L] La.2 IMbas forosnai M.434 IMbas forosnai Y.756 Imbass forosnae [Loman]
H1b.788 inathar [B] H1a.700 inathar K.765 inathar [L] [La] [M] YAdd.757 YAddInathar [Loman]
H1b.789 iris [B] H1a.701 iris K.766 iris [L] [La] [M] YAdd.758 YAddIris [Loman]
H1b.790 indigu [B] H1a.702 indigu K.767 indighu [L] [La] [M] YAdd.759 YAddIndigu [Loman]
H1b.791 inchind [B] H1a.703 incind K.768 incinn [L] [La] [M] YAdd.760 YAddInchind [Loman]
H1b.792 indech [B] H1a.704 indech K.769 innech [L] [La] [M] YAdd.761 YAddInnech [Loman]
H1b.793 inmain [B] H1a.705 inmain K.770 inmain [L] [La] [M] YAdd.762 YAddInmain [Loman]
H1b.794 ith [B] H1a.706 ith K.771 ith [L] [La] [M] YAdd.763 YAddIth [Loman]
H1b.795 inill [B] H1a.707 inill K.772 innill [L] [La] [M] YAdd.764 YAddInnill [Loman]
H1b.796 imdae [B] H1a.708 imdæ K.773 imdæ [L] [La] [M] YAdd.765 YAddImdæ [Loman]
H1b.797 indili [B] H1a.709 indile K.774 Indile [L] [La] [M] YAdd.766 YAddIndili [Loman]
H1b.798 ícc [B] H1a.710 icc K.775 ícc [L] [La] [M] YAdd.767 YAddÍcc [Loman]
H1b.799 indithim [B] H1a.711 innithim K.776 inditheimh [L] [La] [M] YAdd.768 YAddIndithim [Loman]
H1b.800 ilach [B] H1a.712 iolach K.777 ilach [L] [La] [M] YAdd.769 YAddIlach [Loman]
1336 entries. Page of 27.
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