Versions of Sanas Cormaic, with Loman. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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K (main text)BH¹aH¹bLLaMYLoman
K.251 cathusach B.172 Cathasach H1a.205 cathasach H1b.250 cathassach [L] [La] M.168 Cathasach Y.245 Cathassach [Loman]
K.252 cathlog B.173 Cathlac H1a.206 cathlac H1b.398 cathloc [L] [La] M.169 Cathlach YAdd.390 YAddCathloc [Loman]
K.253 cruithneacht B.174 Cruthnecht H1a.207 cruitnecht H1b.252 cruithnecht [L] [La] M.170 Cruithnęcht Y.247 Cruithnecht [Loman]
K.254 catur B.175 Catar H1a.208 catur H1b.253 catur [L] [La] M.171 Cattur Y.248 Catar [Loman]
K.255 culpait B.176 Culpait H1a.209 culpait H1b.254 culpait [L] [La] M.172 Culpait Y.249 Culpait [Loman]
K.256 cosmail B.177 Cosmail H1a.210 cosmail H1b.255 cosmail [L] [La] M.174 Cosmail Y.250 Cosmail [Loman]
K.257 coairt B.178 Coairt H1a.211 coairt H1b.256 coairt [L] [La] M.175 Coairt Y.251 Coairt [Loman]
K.258 casal B.179 Caisel H1a.212 casal H1b.257 casal [L] [La] M.176 Cassal Y.252 Casal [Loman]
K.259 clerech B.180 Clerech H1a.310 clerech H1b.360 clerech [L] [La] M.177 Clerech YAdd.352 YAddCleirech [Loman]
K.260 ceir [B] H1a.214 ceir H1b.259 ceir [L] [La] M.178 Ceir Y.254 Ceir [Loman]
K.261 cosc [B] H1a.215 cosc H1b.260 cosc [L] [La] M.179 Cosc Y.255 Cosc [Loman]
K.262 cubachail [B] H1a.216 cubacuil H1b.261 cubachail [L] [La] M.180 Cubuchul Y.256 Cubachail [Loman]
K.263 calpdæ [B] H1a.217 calpdæ H1b.262 calpdæ [L] [La] M.181 Colbdæ Y.257 Calpdae [Loman]
K.264 condoman [B] H1a.218 condomuin H1b.263 condoman [L] [La] M.182 Cundomuin Y.258 Condoman [Loman]
K.265 cano B.194 Cana H1a.236 cana H1b.281 cana [L] [La] M.201 Cano Y.276 Cana [Loman]
K.266 carna [B] H1a.220 carna H1b.265 carna [L] [La] M.184 Carna Y.260 Carna [Loman]
K.267 carnae [B] H1a.221 carnæ H1b.266 carnae [L] [La] [M] Y.261 Carnae [Loman]
K.268 cochal B.181 Cocul H1a.222 cochul H1b.267 cochal [L] [La] M.186 Cochul Y.262 Cocal [Loman]
K.269 circal B.182 Circul H1a.223 circul H1b.268 circal [L] [La] M.187 Circul Y.263 Circal [Loman]
K.270 cicul [B] H1a.224 cicul H1b.269 cicul [L] [La] M.188 Cicul Y.264 Cicul [Loman]
K.271 callait B.215 Callaid H1a.225 callaid H1b.270 callaid [L] [La] M.190 Callaid Y.265 Callait [Loman]
K.272 caisc B.187 Caisc H1a.226 caisc H1b.271 caisc [L] [La] M.191 Casc Y.266 Caisc [Loman]
K.273 cridhe B.188 Cride H1a.228 cride H1b.272 cridhe [L] [La] M.192 Cridhi Y.267 Cride [Loman]
K.274 cinccices B.189 Cingciges H1a.227 cingcies H1b.273 cingices [L] [La] M.193 Cengciges Y.268 Cingices [Loman]
K.275 commed B.190 Coiméit H1a.229 commet H1b.274 comméd [L] [La] M.194 Comed Y.269 Comméd [Loman]
K.276 cummain B.191 Comáin H1a.230 cummain H1b.275 cummain [L] [La] M.195 Cummuin Y.270 Cummain [Loman]
K.277 cunnrath [B] H1a.231 cundrath H1b.276 cunnrath [L] [La] M.196 Cunruth Y.271 Cunnrath [Loman]
K.278 caindeal [B] H1a.232 caindel H1b.277 caindel [L] [La] M.197 Caindel Y.272 Caindel [Loman]
K.279 crochuit [B] H1a.233 crochuid H1b.278 crochchuit [L] [La] M.198 Crochit Y.273 Crochcuit [Loman]
K.280 cingit B.192 Cingit H1a.234 cingit H1b.279 cingit [L] [La] M.199 Cingid Y.274 Cingit [Loman]
K.281 clí B.193 Clíí H1a.235 cli H1b.280 clí [L] [La] M.200 Cli Y.275 Cli [Loman]
K.282 cana B.194 Cana H1a.236 cana H1b.281 cana [L] [La] M.201 Cano Y.276 Cana [Loman]
K.283 coirte ł coirpthe B.195 Corpte H1a.237 coirpte H1b.282 coirpthe [L] [La] M.202 Cuirpthe Y.277 Coirpte [Loman]
K.284 Claire B.196 Claire H1a.238 Claire H1b.283 Clare [L] [La] M.203 Clare Y.278 Clare [Loman]
K.285 caindelbræ B.199 Caindelbra H1a.239 Caindelbra H1b.284 caindelbrai [L] [La] M.206 Caindelbræ Y.279 Caindelbrai [Loman]
K.286 cru B.197 Crúu H1a.346 cro H1b.413 cro [L] [La] M.204 Cru YAdd.369 YAddCro [Loman]
K.287 class B.198 Class H1a.314 clas H1b.364 clas [L] [La] M.205 Class Y.281 Clas [Loman]
K.288 cardoit B.248 Cartoit H1a.243 cartoit H1b.288 cartoit [L] [La] M.210 Cartot Y.282 Cardoit [Loman]
K.289 clel B.244 Ceal H1a.244 cel H1b.322 ceal [L] [La] M.211 Cel Y.283 Cel [Loman]
K.290 celebradh B.205 Celebrad H1a.245 celeprad H1b.290 celebradh [L] [La] M.212 Celebrath Y.284 Ceilebrad [Loman]
K.291 cas B.206 Cúis H1a.246 cass H1b.291 cas [L] [La] M.213 Cass Y.285 Cas [Loman]
K.292 colba B.207 Colba H1a.247 colba H1b.292 colba [L] [La] M.214 Colba Y.286 Colba [Loman]
K.293 coll B.208 Coll H1a.248 coll H1b.293 coll [L] [La] M.215 Coll Y.287 Coll [Loman]
K.294 crontsaile B.209 Crontṡaile H1a.249 crontsaile H1b.294 crontsaile [L] [La] M.216 Crontṡaile Y.288 Crontsaile [Loman]
K.295 cealt [B] H1a.327 celt H1b.381 celt [L] [La] M.217 Celt YAdd.373 YAddCelt [Loman]
K.296 cetshamuin B.210 Cetsoman H1a.251 cetsamain H1b.296 cetsamhun [L] [La] M.218 Cetṡamon Y.290 Cetṡamun [Loman]
K.297 caidh B.211 Caid H1a.252 caid H1b.297 caid [L] [La] M.219 Cath Y.291 Caid [Loman]
K.298 coibsin B.213 Cobais H1a.253 coibsen H1b.298 coibsin [L] [La] M.220 Coibsin Y.292 Coibsin [Loman]
K.299 corn B.214 Corn H1a.254 corn H1b.299 corn [L] [La] M.221 Cornd Y.292a Corn [Loman]
K.300 cern B.216 Cearn H1a.255 cern H1b.300 cern [L] [La] M.222 Cernn [Y] [Loman]
1309 entries. Page of 27.
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