Versions of Sanas Cormaic, with Loman. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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K (main text)BH¹aH¹bLLaMYLoman
K.551 ecna [B] H1a.489 eccna H1b.567 ecna [L] [La] [M] YAdd.543 YAddEcna [Loman]
K.552 edan B.345 Etan H1a.490 edan H1b.582 edan [L] [La] M.340 Etan YAdd.558 YAddEdan [Loman]
K.553 eisirt B.316 Essirt H1a.491 esirt H1b.569 esirt [L] [La] M.309 Essirt YAdd.545 YAddEsirt [Loman]
K.554 eochuir [B] H1a.492 eochair H1b.570 eochuir [L] [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
K.555 ecin [B] H1a.493 ecin H1b.571 ecin [L] [La] [M] YAdd.547 YAddEcin [Loman]
K.556 elguin B.318 Elgon H1a.494 elguin H1b.572 elguin [L] [La] M.311 Elgon YAdd.548 YAddElguin [Loman]
K.557 erge B.330 Eirge H1a.518 erge H1b.599 erge [L] [La] M.323 Eirge YAdd.549 YAddErge [Loman]
K.558 ec [B] H1a.495 ec H1b.574 ec [L] [La] [M] YAdd.550 YAddEc [Loman]
K.559 egal [B] H1a.496 eccal H1b.575 egal [L] [La] [M] YAdd.551 YAddEgal [Loman]
K.560 erb [B] H1a.497 erb H1b.576 erb [L] [La] [M] YAdd.552 YAddErb [Loman]
K.561 ermedh [B] H1a.498 ermed H1b.577 ermed [L] [La] [M] YAdd.553 YAddErmed [Loman]
K.562 etsruth [B] H1a.499 edsruth H1b.578 etsrud [L] [La] [M] YAdd.554 YAddEtsruth [Loman]
K.563 eithech [B] H1a.500 eitheach H1b.579 eithech [L] [La] [M] YAdd.555 YAddEitheach [Loman]
K.564 elit [B] H1a.501 elit H1b.580 elit [L] [La] [M] YAdd.556 YAddElit [Loman]
K.565 elud [B] H1a.502 elad H1b.581 elud [L] [La] [M] YAdd.557 YAddElud [Loman]
K.566 edan B.345 Etan H1a.490 edan H1b.582 edan [L] [La] M.340 Etan YAdd.558 YAddEdan [Loman]
K.567 edach [B] H1a.503 etach H1b.583 etach [L] [La] [M] YAdd.559 YAddEtach [Loman]
K.568 esbaith [B] H1a.504 espaith H1b.584 esbaith [L] [La] [M] YAdd.560 YAddEsbaith [Loman]
K.569 elada [B] H1a.505 elaga H1b.585 elada [L] [La] [M] YAdd.561 YAddElada [Loman]
K.570 esnad [B] H1a.506 esnad H1b.586 esnad [L] [La] [M] YAdd.562 YAddEsnad [Loman]
K.571 errach [B] H1a.507 errach H1b.587 earrach [L] [La] [M] YAdd.563 YAddErrach [Loman]
K.572 esbicul [B] H1a.508 eispicuil H1b.588 espicul [L] [La] [M] YAdd.564 YAddEsbicul [Loman]
K.573 escra [B] H1a.512 escra H1b.593 escra [L] [La] [M] YAdd.569 YAddEscrae [Loman]
K.574 esc [B] H1a.510 esc H1b.590 esc [L] [La] [M] YAdd.566 YAddEsc [Loman]
K.575 ende [B] [H¹a] H1b.591 ende [L] [La] [M] YAdd.567 YAddEnde [Loman]
K.576 escand B.329 Escand H1a.511 escand H1b.592 escand [L] [La] M.322 Esconn YAdd.568 YAddEscand [Loman]
K.577 escra [B] H1a.512 escra H1b.593 escra [L] [La] [M] YAdd.569 YAddEscrae [Loman]
K.578 ee [B] H1a.513 ee H1b.594 ee [L] [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
K.579 edon [B] H1a.514 edon H1b.595 edon [L] [La] [M] YAdd.571 YAddEdon [Loman]
K.580 esca [B] H1a.515 esca H1b.596 esca [L] [La] [M] YAdd.572 YAddEsca [Loman]
K.581 es [B] H1a.516 es H1b.597 es [L] [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
K.582 emon B.314 Emuin H1a.451 emon H1b.528 emon [L] [La] M.307 Emon YAdd.574 YAddEmon [Loman]
K.583 flaith B.348 Flaith H1a.520 flaith H1b.601 flaith [L] [La] M.343 Flaith [Y] [Loman]
K.584 fine B.349 Fíne H1a.521 fine H1b.602 fine [L] [La] M.344 Fine Y.576 Fine [Loman]
K.585 fin B.350 Fín H1a.522 fin H1b.603 fin [L] [La] M.345 Fin Y.577 Fin [Loman]
K.586 feirius B.351 Ferius H1a.523 feirius H1b.604 feirius [L] [La] M.346 Ferius Y.578 Feirius [Loman]
K.587 fim B.352 Fín H1a.611 fim H1b.698 fim [L] [La] M.347 Fim YAdd.652 YAddFim [Loman]
K.588 fell B.353 Fell H1a.609 fell H1b.696 fell [L] [La] M.348 Fell [Y] [Loman]
K.589 fealc B.354 Felc H1a.524 felc H1b.607 felc [L] [La] M.349 Felcc Y.581 Felc [Loman]
K.590 flesc B.355 Flesc [H¹a] H1b.608 flesc [L] [La] M.350 Flesc [Y] [Loman]
K.591 fithal/Fithal{?} B.356 Fithal H1a.527 fithal/Fithal H1b.609 fithal/Fithal [L] [La] M.351 Fithal Y.583 Fithal [Loman]
K.592 ferb B.357 Ferb [H¹a] [H¹b] [L] [La] M.352 Ferbb Y.584 Ferb [Loman]
K.593 fior B.358 Fir H1a.526 fir H1b.611 fir [L] [La] M.353 Fir [Y] [Loman]
K.594 firenn B.359 Ferend H1a.528 firend H1b.612 firend [L] [La] M.354 Feirenn Y.586 Firend [Loman]
K.595 fochlac B.360 Fochlocon H1a.529 fochlocc H1b.613 fochlac [L] [La] M.355 Fochluc Y.587 Fochloc [Loman]
K.596 fregra B.362 Frecre H1a.530 frecra H1b.614 frecræ [L] [La] M.356 Frecræ Y.588 Frecræ [Loman]
K.597 fogal B.363 Fogal H1a.531 foghal H1b.615 fogal [L] [La] M.357 fogal Y.589 Fogal [Loman]
K.598 foilmen B.364 Foloman H1a.532 foilmen H1b.616 foilmen [L] [La] M.358 Folmen Y.590 Foilmen [Loman]
K.599 fochnod B.365 Fochonnad H1a.533 fochnad H1b.617 fochnod [L] [La] M.359 Fochonod Y.591 Fochnod [Loman]
K.600 Fedlemith B.366 Fédilmid H1a.534 Feidilmid H1b.618 Fedilmith [L] [La] M.360 Fedilmith Y.592 Feldimith [Loman]
1309 entries. Page of 27.
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