Versions of Sanas Cormaic, with Loman. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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Loman (main text)BH¹aH¹bKLLaMY
Loman.51 Mag [B] H1a.842 magh H1b.930 magh K.906 magh [L] [La] [M] YAdd.898 YAddMagh
Loman.52 Muinel [B] H1a.843 muinel H1b.931 muinel K.907 muinel [L] [La] [M] YAdd.899 YAddMuinel
Loman.53 Mind [B] H1a.844 mind H1b.932 mind K.908 mind [L] [La] [M] YAdd.900 YAddMind
Loman.54 Minarba [B] H1a.890 men H1b.980 men K.956 men [L] [La] [M] YAdd.948 YAddMen
Loman.55 Medg [B] H1a.846 medg H1b.934 medg K.910 medg [L] [La] [M] YAdd.902 YAddMedg
Loman.56 Muc [B] H1a.847 muc H1b.935 muc K.911 muc [L] [La] [M] YAdd.903 YAddMuc
Loman.57 Meta [B] H1a.848 metu H1b.936 meta K.912 meta [L] [La] [M] YAdd.904 YAddMeta
Loman.58 Mer [B] H1a.851 mer H1b.939 mer K.915 mer [L] [La] [M] YAdd.907 YAddMer
Loman.59 Mall [B] H1a.850 mall H1b.938 mall K.914 mall [L] [La] [M] YAdd.906 YAddMall
Loman.60 Mer [B] H1a.851 mer H1b.939 mer K.915 mer [L] [La] [M] YAdd.907 YAddMer
Loman.61 Meinic [B] H1a.852 menic H1b.940 menic K.916 minic [L] [La] [M] YAdd.908 YAddMenic
Loman.62 Mor [B] H1a.853 mor H1b.941 mor K.917 mor [L] [La] [M] YAdd.909 YAddMor
Loman.63 Murduine [B] H1a.854 mur H1b.942 múr K.918 mur [L] [La] [M] YAdd.910 YAddMur
Loman.64 Mi [B] H1a.855 mi H1b.943 mi K.919 mi [L] [La] [M] YAdd.911 YAddMi
Loman.65 Munchilli [B] H1a.856 muincille H1b.944 muinchille K.920 muncille [L] [La] [M] YAdd.912 YAddMunchille
Loman.66 Muir [B] [H¹a] H1b.945 muir K.921 muir [L] [La] [M] YAdd.913 YAddMuir
Loman.67 Miltiuch [B] H1a.857 meltiuch H1b.946 melltiuch K.922 melltiuch [L] [La] [M] YAdd.914 YAddMelltiuch
Loman.68 Mescan [B] H1a.858 mescan H1b.947 mescan K.923 mesgan [L] [La] [M] YAdd.915 YAddMescan
Loman.69 Meisce [B] H1a.859 meisci H1b.948 mesci K.924 meisge [L] [La] [M] YAdd.916 YAddMesci
Loman.70 Mes [B] H1a.860 mess H1b.949 mess K.925 meas [L] [La] [M] [Y]
Loman.71 Nert [B] H1a.921 nert H1b.1011 nert K.985 nert [L] [La] [M] YAdd.976 YAddNert
Loman.72 Net [B] H1a.922 net H1b.1012 net K.986 net [L] [La] [M] YAdd.977 YAddNet
Loman.73 Nia [B] [H¹a] [H¹b] [K] [L] [La] [M] [Y]
Loman.74 Not [B] H1a.924 not H1b.1014 nod K.988 nod [L] [La] [M] YAdd.979 YAddNod
Loman.76 Nasc [B] H1a.925 nasc H1b.1015 nasc K.989 nasc [L] [La] [M] YAdd.980 YAddNasc
Loman.77 Nama [B] H1a.926 nama H1b.1016 nama K.990 namha [L] [La] [M] YAdd.981 YAddNama
Loman.78 Nathan [B] H1a.927 nathan H1b.1017 nathan K.991 natan [L] [La] [M] YAdd.982 YAddNathan
Loman.79 Nare [B] H1a.928 naire H1b.1018 nare K.992 nare [L] [La] [M] YAdd.983 YAddNare
Loman.80 Naithir [B] H1a.929 nathir H1b.1019 nathir K.993 nathir [L] [La] [M] YAdd.984 YAddNathir
Loman.81 Nai [B] H1a.930 nai H1b.1020 nai K.994 nai [L] [La] [M] [Y]
Loman.82 Naisciu [B] H1a.931 naiscu H1b.1021 naiscu K.995 nascu [L] [La] [M] YAdd.986 YAddNaiscu
Loman.83 Nenaid [B] H1a.932 nenaid H1b.1022 nenaidh K.996 nenaid [L] [La] [M] YAdd.987 YAddNenaid
Loman.84 Nes B.536 Ness H1a.933 ness H1b.1023 ness K.997 nes [L] [La] [M] YAdd.988 YAddNess
Loman.85 Nel [B] H1a.934 nel H1b.1024 nel K.998 nel [L] [La] [M] YAdd.989 YAddNel
Loman.86 Neim [B] H1a.935 nem H1b.1025 nem K.999 nem [L] [La] [M] YAdd.990 YAddNem
Loman.87 Nem [B] H1a.936 neim H1b.1026 neim K.1000 neim [L] [La] [M] YAdd.991 YAddNeim
Loman.88 Noin [B] H1a.937 noin H1b.1027 noin K.1001 noin [L] [La] [M] YAdd.992 YAddNoin
Loman.89 Nonbar [B] H1a.938 nonbar H1b.1028 nonbar K.1002 nonbar [L] [La] [M] YAdd.993 YAddNonbar
Loman.90 Nus [B] H1a.939 nus H1b.1029 nus K.1003 nus [L] [La] [M] YAdd.994 YAddNus
Loman.91 Nua [B] H1a.940 nua H1b.1030 nua K.1004 nua [L] [La] [M] YAdd.995 YAddNua
Loman.92 Nin [B] H1a.941 nen H1b.1031 nin K.1005 nin [L] [La] [M] YAdd.996 YAddNin
Loman.93 Nen [B] H1a.942 nin H1b.1032 nen K.1006 nen [L] [La] [M] [Y]
Loman.94 Occ [B] H1a.964 occ H1b.1054 occ K.1028 ócc [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1019 YAddÓcc
Loman.95 Odor [B] H1a.965 odhar H1b.1055 odar K.1029 odar [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1020 YAddOdar
Loman.96 Oe [B] H1a.966 oe H1b.1056 oe K.1030 oe [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1021 YAddOe
Loman.97 Oge [B] H1a.967 oige H1b.1057 oghe K.1031 oige [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1022 YAddOge
Loman.98 O [B] H1a.31 ó H1b.1058 o K.1032 ó [L] [La] M.50 Ao Y.53 Ao
Loman.99 Ola [B] [H¹a] H1b.1059 olo K.1033 olo [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1024 YAddOlo
Loman.100 Olann [B] H1a.968 oland H1b.1060 oland K.1034 oland [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1025 YAddOland
Loman.101 Omthund [B] H1a.970 omthand H1b.1062 omthand K.1036 omthann [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1027 YAddOmthann
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