Versions of Sanas Cormaic, with Loman. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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M (main text)BH¹aH¹bKLLaYLoman
M.101 Buarach B.111 Buarach [H¹a] H1b.133 buarach K.134 buarach [L] [La] Y.131 Buarach [Loman]
M.102 basc B.112 Basc [H¹a] [H¹b] K.135 basc [L] [La] Y.132 Basc [Loman]
M.103 Brisg B.113 Brisc [H¹a] H1b.135 brisc K.136 brisc [L] [La] Y.133 Brisc [Loman]
M.104 Bo B.114 H1a.92 bo H1b.136 bo K.137 bo [L] [La] Y.134 Bo [Loman]
M.105 Bolg B.116 Bolg belchi H1a.94 bolcc belceo H1b.139 bolg belce K.140 bolg beilce [L] [La] Y.137 Bolg belce [Loman]
M.106 Blind B.118 Blind H1a.96 blinn H1b.140 blinn K.141 blind [L] [La] Y.138 Blinn [Loman]
M.107 Beanntraige B.119 Benntraige H1a.98 Bendtraige H1b.142 Bentraigi K.143 Bentraighe [L] [La] Y.140 Bentraigi [Loman]
M.108 Buighe B.121 Bóge H1a.100 bóige H1b.144 boghe K.145 bogde{?} [L] [La] Y.142 Boge [Loman]
M.109 Boige B.121 Bóge H1a.100 bóige H1b.144 boghe K.145 bogde{?} [L] [La] Y.142 Boge [Loman]
M.110 Briar B.122 Briar H1a.101 briar H1b.145 briar K.146 briar [L] [La] Y.143 Briar [Loman]
M.111 Breathachai B.123 Brathchæi H1a.118 brath H1b.162 brath K.163 bráth [L] [La] YAdd.160 YAddBrath [Loman]
M.112 Bruineach B.124 Bruinech H1a.103 bruindech H1b.147 bruindech K.148 bruindech [L] [La] Y.145 Bruindech [Loman]
M.113 Balb B.125 Bálb H1a.104 balb H1b.148 balb K.149 balb [L] [La] Y.146 Balb [Loman]
M.114 Bot B.126 Bót H1a.105 bot H1b.149 bot K.150 bód [L] [La] Y.147 Bot [Loman]
M.115 Buas B.127 Buas H1a.155 buas H1b.201 buas K.202 buas [L] [La] YAdd.199 YAddBuas [Loman]
M.116 Bricach B.128 Bri H1a.107 bri H1b.151 brí K.152 brí cach n-ogus [L] [La] Y.149 Bri [Loman]
M.117 Brigid B.129 Brigit H1a.160 Brigid H1b.206 Brigid K.207 Brigit [L] [La] Y.150 Brigit [Loman]
M.118 becasin B.130 Bec H1a.109 bec H1b.153 becc K.154 bec [L] [La] Y.151 Bec [Loman]
M.119 Bidbu B.131 Bidba H1a.110 bidba H1b.154 bidba K.155 bidba [L] [La] Y.152 Bidba [Loman]
M.120 Bil B.132 Bil H1a.111 Bil H1b.155 Bil K.156 Bil [L] [La] Y.153 Bil [Loman]
M.121 Baire B.133 Baire H1a.157 bar H1b.203 bar K.204 bár [L] [La] YAdd.201 YAddBar [Loman]
M.122 ebaire [B] H1a.113 baire H1b.157 bare K.158 baire [L] [La] Y.155 Bare [Loman]
M.123 Bind B.134 Bind H1a.114 bind H1b.158 bind K.159 bind [L] [La] Y.156 Bind [Loman]
M.124 Brinda B.135 Brinda H1a.115 brind H1b.159 brind K.160 brind [L] [La] Y.157 Brind [Loman]
M.125 Cormac B.136 Cormac H1a.164 Corbmac H1b.210 Corbmac K.211 Corbmac [L] [La] Y.204 Corbmac [Loman]
M.126 Coirbre B.137 Coirbre H1a.165 Coirpri H1b.211 Corbre K.212 Corbre ł p [L] [La] Y.205 Corbre [Loman]
M.127 Cathal B.138 Cathal H1a.166 Cathal H1b.212 Cathal K.213 Cathal [L] [La] Y.206 Cathal [Loman]
M.128 Cobthach B.140 Cobthach [H¹a] [H¹b] K.214 cobtach [L] [La] Y.207 Cobtach [Loman]
M.129 Clithar B.141 Clithar set H1a.170 clithar set H1b.215 clithar set K.216 clithar sét [L] [La] Y.209 Clithar set [Loman]
M.130 Circend B.143 Cercenn H1a.171 cercend H1b.216 cercend K.217 cercend [L] [La] Y.210 Cercend [Loman]
M.131 Cruimther B.142 Cruimther H1a.338 cruimter H1b.404 cruimter K.403 cruimter [L] [La] YAdd.396 YAddCruimther [Loman]
M.132 Cloch B.144 Cloch H1a.173 cloch H1b.218 cloch K.219 cloch [L] [La] Y.213 Cloch [Loman]
M.133 Cros B.145 Cross H1a.174 cros H1b.219 cros K.220 cros [L] [La] Y.214 Cros [Loman]
M.134 Corp B.146 Corp H1a.175 corp H1b.220 corp K.221 corp [L] [La] Y.215 Corp [Loman]
M.135 Crethair B.147 Creatra H1a.176 creator H1b.221 cretair K.222 cretair [L] [La] Y.216 Cretair [Loman]
M.136 Caithi B.148 Caithigud H1a.177 caithiugud H1b.222 caithiughad K.223 cáithiughudh [L] [La] Y.217 Caithiugad [Loman]
M.137 Cæch B.149 Coech H1a.178 caoch H1b.223 caech K.224 caech [L] [La] Y.218 Caech [Loman]
M.138 Cerb B.150 Cerbsire H1a.179 cirpseoir H1b.224 cerbseoir K.225 cerbseoir [L] [La] Y.219 Cerbseoir [Loman]
M.139 Cuana [B] H1a.180 canda H1b.225 caunna K.226 canna [L] [La] Y.220 Caunna [Loman]
M.140 Cuma B.151 Cúma H1a.181 cuma H1b.226 coma K.227 coma [L] [La] Y.221 Coma [Loman]
M.141 Cainte B.155 Cainte H1a.182 cainti H1b.227 cainte K.228 cainti [L] [La] Y.222 Cainte [Loman]
M.142 Cath B.173 Cathlac H1a.206 cathlac H1b.398 cathloc K.397 cathloc [L] [La] YAdd.390 YAddCathloc [Loman]
M.143 Ceite [B] H1a.184 cete H1b.229 cete K.230 cete [L] [La] Y.224 Cete [Loman]
M.144 Cle [B] H1a.185 cle H1b.230 cle K.231 cle [L] [La] Y.225 Cle [Loman]
M.145 Cen [B] H1a.186 ceu H1b.231 ceu K.232 ceu [L] [La] Y.226 Ceu [Loman]
M.146 Cich B.156 Cích H1a.187 cich H1b.232 cich K.233 cich [L] [La] Y.227 Cich [Loman]
M.147 Cimas B.157 Cimas H1a.188 ciomhus H1b.233 cimas K.234 cimas [L] [La] Y.228 Cimmas [Loman]
M.148 Cin B.158 Cín membruimm H1a.190 cín memruim H1b.235 cín memraim K.236 cín meamraim [L] [La] Y.230 Cin memrain [Loman]
M.149 Cimba B.159 Cimba H1a.189 cimba H1b.234 cimba K.235 cimba [L] [La] Y.229 Cimba [Loman]
M.150 Comous B.231 Coimmess H1a.289 commos H1b.338 commos K.337 commos [L] [La] YAdd.330 YAddComos [Loman]
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