Versions of Sanas Cormaic, with Loman. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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M (main text)BH¹aH¹bKLLaYLoman
M.352 Ferbb B.357 Ferb [H¹a] [H¹b] K.592 ferb [L] [La] Y.584 Ferb [Loman]
M.353 Fir B.358 Fir H1a.526 fir H1b.611 fir K.593 fior [L] [La] [Y] [Loman]
M.354 Feirenn B.359 Ferend H1a.528 firend H1b.612 firend K.594 firenn [L] [La] Y.586 Firend [Loman]
M.355 Fochluc B.360 Fochlocon H1a.529 fochlocc H1b.613 fochlac K.595 fochlac [L] [La] Y.587 Fochloc [Loman]
M.356 Frecræ B.362 Frecre H1a.530 frecra H1b.614 frecræ K.596 fregra [L] [La] Y.588 Frecræ [Loman]
M.357 fogal B.363 Fogal H1a.531 foghal H1b.615 fogal K.597 fogal [L] [La] Y.589 Fogal [Loman]
M.358 Folmen B.364 Foloman H1a.532 foilmen H1b.616 foilmen K.598 foilmen [L] [La] Y.590 Foilmen [Loman]
M.359 Fochonod B.365 Fochonnad H1a.533 fochnad H1b.617 fochnod K.599 fochnod [L] [La] Y.591 Fochnod [Loman]
M.360 Fedilmith B.366 Fédilmid H1a.534 Feidilmid H1b.618 Fedilmith K.600 Fedlemith [L] [La] Y.592 Feldimith [Loman]
M.361 Fescer [B] H1a.535 fescar H1b.619 fescer K.601 feascer [L] [La] Y.593 Fescer [Loman]
M.362 Fes B.367 Fescor H1a.536 feis aidchi H1b.620 feis aidchi K.602 feis aidchi [L] [La] [Y] [Loman]
M.363 Fis B.368 Fís H1a.537 fis H1b.621 fis K.603 fis [L] [La] Y.595 Fís [Loman]
M.364 Fual B.369 Fual H1a.538 fual H1b.622 fual K.604 fual [L] [La] Y.596 Fual [Loman]
M.365 Fothurcud B.370 Fothrugud H1a.539 fotracad H1b.623 fothrucad K.605 fothrucad [L] [La] Y.597 Fothrucad [Loman]
M.366 Foi B.371 Foi H1a.540 Foi H1b.624 Foi K.606 Foi [L] [La] Y.598 Foi [Loman]
M.367 Felmac B.373 Féle H1a.541 felmac H1b.625 felmac K.607 felmac [L] [La] Y.599 Felmac [Loman]
M.368 file B.374 Fili H1a.542 fili H1b.626 fili K.608 file ł i [L] [La] Y.600 Fili [Loman]
M.369 Fogomur B.375 Fogamur H1a.543 fogamur H1b.627 fogamar K.609 fogamar [L] [La] Y.601 Fogamar [Loman]
M.370 Faath B.377 Faath [H¹a] H1b.628 fath K.610 fait [L] [La] Y.602 Fath [Loman]
M.371 Femen B.378 Femen H1a.575 Femin H1b.658 Femen K.640 Femen [L] [La] YAdd.632 YAddFemen [Loman]
M.372 Flechud B.379 Fliuchud H1a.545 flechud H1b.630 flechud K.612 flechadh ł u [L] [La] Y.604 Flechud [Loman]
M.373 Fair B.380 Fair H1a.548 fair H1b.631 fair K.613 fair [L] [La] Y.605 Fair [Loman]
M.374 Fe B.381 Fe H1a.549 fe H1b.632 fe K.614 fe [L] [La] Y.606 Fe [Loman]
M.375 Fithcheall B.382 Fidchell H1a.550 fithcell H1b.633 fithchill K.615 fithcell [L] [La] Y.607 Fithchill [Loman]
M.376 Fraig B.383 Fraig H1a.551 fraigh H1b.634 fraigh K.616 fraicch [L] [La] Y.608 Fraig [Loman]
M.377 Folassai B.384 Folasai H1a.552 folassa H1b.635 folassa K.617 folussa [L] [La] Y.609 Folassa [Loman]
M.378 Fuithir B.385 Fuithir H1a.553 fuidir H1b.636 fuidir K.618 fuidhir [L] [La] Y.610 Fuidir [Loman]
M.379 Fassach B.386 Fasach H1a.554 fasach H1b.637 fasach K.619 fasac ł faisech [L] [La] Y.611 Fasach [Loman]
M.380 feirnn B.387 Fiern H1a.555 fern H1b.638 fern K.620 fern [L] [La] [Y] [Loman]
M.381 Gloir B.388 Gloir H1a.614 gloir H1b.701 gloir K.678 gloir [L] [La] Y.670 Gloir [Loman]
M.382 Galar B.389 Galar H1a.615 galor H1b.702 galor K.679 galur [L] [La] Y.671 Galar [Loman]
M.383 Gam B.390 Gam H1a.616 gam H1b.703 gam K.680 gamh [L] [La] Y.672 Gam [Loman]
M.384 gaimred B.391 Gaimred H1a.617 gaimrith H1b.704 gaimrith K.681 gaimrith [L] [La] Y.673 Gaimrith [Loman]
M.385 Gelestar B.392 Gelistar H1a.618 geilestar H1b.705 gelestar K.682 gelestar [L] [La] Y.674 Gelestar [Loman]
M.386 Gabur B.393 Gabur [H¹a] [H¹b] K.683 gabar [L] [La] Y.675 Gabar [Loman]
M.387 Gildæ B.394 Gilldæ H1a.620 gilti H1b.707 gildae K.684 gilldæ [L] [La] Y.676 Gilldæ [Loman]
M.388 Gemin B.396 Gem H1a.621 gem H1b.708 gem K.685 gem [L] [La] Y.677 Gem [Loman]
M.389 Gradh B.397 Grád H1a.622 grad H1b.709 grad K.686 grad [L] [La] Y.678 Grad [Loman]
M.390 Glang B.398 Glang H1a.623 glang H1b.710 glang K.687 glang [L] [La] Y.679 Glang [Loman]
M.391 Guit [B] [H¹a] [H¹b] [K] [L] [La] [Y] [Loman]
M.392 gel B.400 Geal H1a.624 gel H1b.711 gel K.688 gel [L] [La] Y.680 Gel [Loman]
M.393 Giabor B.401 Giabur H1a.625 giabair H1b.712 giabair K.689 giabair [L] [La] Y.681 Giabar [Loman]
M.394 Gol B.402 Gol H1a.626 gol H1b.713 gol K.690 gol [L] [La] Y.682 Gol [Loman]
M.395 Gall B.403 Gall [H¹a] [H¹b] K.691 gall [L] [La] Y.683 Gall [Loman]
M.396 Grapagum B.404 Grasticum H1a.628 grazagum{?} H1b.715 grazagum{?} K.692 grazagam [L] [La] Y.684 Grazagum [Loman]
M.397 Galæng B.395 Gaileng H1a.629 Galeng H1b.716 Gaileng K.693 Gaileng [L] [La] Y.685 Gaileng [Loman]
M.398 Ged B.405 Géd H1a.630 ged H1b.717 ged K.694 gedh [L] [La] Y.686 Ged [Loman]
M.399 Gamain B.406 Gamuin H1a.631 gamain H1b.718 gamain K.695 gamhain [L] [La] [Y] [Loman]
M.400 Gornn B.407 Grond H1a.632 gorn H1b.719 gorn K.696 gorn [L] [La] Y.688 Gorn [Loman]
M.401 Glass B.408 Gluss H1a.633 gluss H1b.720 glus K.697 glus [L] [La] Y.689 Glus [Loman]
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