Versions of Sanas Cormaic, with Loman. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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Y (main text)BH¹aH¹bKLLaMLoman
YAdd.401 YAddCeticul B.260 Ceticol H1a.342 ceticol H1b.409 ceticul K.408 ceticul [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.402 YAddCermna [B] [H¹a] H1b.410 cermna K.409 cermna [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
Y.403 Domnall B.263 Domnall H1a.360 Domnall H1b.427 Domnall K.410 Domhnall [L] [La] M.256 Domnall [Loman]
Y.404 Diarmaid B.264 Diairmait H1a.361 Diarmaid H1b.428 Diarmait K.411 Diarmaid [L] [La] M.257 Diarmait [Loman]
Y.405 Duithcernd B.265 Duthcern H1a.362 duithcernd H1b.429 duithcernd K.412 duithcernd [L] [La] M.258 Duithcheirnn [Loman]
Y.406 Dis B.266 Diss H1a.363 dis H1b.430 dis K.413 dis [L] [La] M.259 dis [Loman]
Y.407 Deinmne B.267 Denmne H1a.364 deinmne H1b.431 deinmne K.414 deimne [L] [La] M.260 Deinmne [Loman]
Y.408 Discreit B.268 Discreit H1a.365 discreit H1b.432 discreit K.415 discreit [L] [La] M.261 Discert [Loman]
Y.409 Dotced B.302 Dotchaid H1a.366 dotced H1b.433 dotced K.416 doitced [L] [La] M.295 Dothcet [Loman]
Y.410 Diumusach B.270 Diumsach H1a.367 diumusach H1b.434 diumhsach K.417 diumusach [L] [La] M.263 Diumasach [Loman]
Y.411 Diuthach B.271 Díuthach H1a.368 diathach H1b.435 diuthach K.418 diuthach [L] [La] M.264 Diutach [Loman]
Y.412 Dairmitiu [B] H1a.369 dairmitiu H1b.436 dairmitin K.419 dairmitiu [L] [La] M.265 Diarmitiu [Loman]
Y.413 Dal B.272 Dál H1a.370 dal H1b.437 dal K.420 dal [L] [La] M.266 Dal [Loman]
Y.414 Dabach B.273 Dabach H1a.371 dabach H1b.438 dabach K.421 dabach [L] [La] M.267 Dabach [Loman]
Y.415 Doman B.274 Doman H1a.372 doman H1b.439 domun K.422 doman [L] [La] M.268 Domun [Loman]
Y.416 Dommun [B] H1a.373 domon H1b.440 domun K.423 doman [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
Y.417 Dire B.275 Díre H1a.374 dirith ł dire H1b.441 dire K.424 dire [L] [La] M.269 Dire [Loman]
Y.418 Digal B.276 Digal H1a.375 digal H1b.442 digal K.425 diogal [L] [La] M.270 Digal [Loman]
Y.419 Die [B] [H¹a] [H¹b] [K] [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
Y.420 Deithbir B.278 Dethbir H1a.377 deithbir H1b.444 deithbir K.427 deitbir [L] [La] M.282 Drenn [Loman]
Y.421 Dinnim B.279 Dinim H1a.378 dinnim H1b.445 dinnim K.428 dinnim [L] [La] M.272 Deithbir [Loman]
Y.422 Dasacht B.280 Dásocht H1a.380 dasachtach H1b.446 dasacht K.429 dasacht [L] [La] M.273 Dinim [Loman]
Y.423 Dos [B] [H¹a] [H¹b] [K] [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
Y.424 Dobur [B] [H¹a] [H¹b] K.431 dobur [L] [La] M.275 Doss [Loman]
Y.425 Diburtud B.282 Diburdud H1a.383 diburtud H1b.449 diburtud K.432 diburtud [L] [La] M.276 Dobur [Loman]
Y.426 Dedól B.285 Dedol H1a.384 dedol H1b.450 dedol K.433 dedol [L] [La] M.278 Dobrith [Loman]
Y.427 Droch B.286 Droch H1a.385 droch H1b.451 droc K.434 droch [L] [La] M.279 Dedol [Loman]
Y.428 Drac B.287 Drac H1a.386 drauc H1b.452 drauc K.435 drac [L] [La] M.280 Droch [Loman]
Y.429 Drend B.288 Dreand H1a.387 drend H1b.453 drend K.436 drend [L] [La] M.281 Drauc [Loman]
Y.430 Deil B.289 Deal H1a.388 deil H1b.454 deil K.437 deil [L] [La] M.283 Del [Loman]
Y.431 Deligud B.290 Deliugud H1a.389 deliugad H1b.455 deligud K.438 delighudh [L] [La] M.284 Deligud [Loman]
Y.432 Dithreb B.291 Díthreb H1a.390 dithrep H1b.456 dithreb K.439 dithreb [L] [La] M.285 Dithreb [Loman]
Y.433 Disiurt B.292 Dísert H1a.391 disiurtus H1b.457 disiurt K.440 disiurt [L] [La] M.286 Disert [Loman]
Y.434 Droichet B.293 Droichet [H¹a] H1b.458 droichet K.441 droichet [L] [La] M.287 Drochet [Loman]
Y.435 Dobhrith B.283 Dobrith H1a.392 dobrith H1b.459 dobrith K.442 dobrith [L] [La] M.277 Diburtud [Loman]
Y.436 Dessruith B.294 Deshruith H1a.393 desruith H1b.460 dessruith K.443 dessruith [L] [La] M.288 Desruith [Loman]
Y.437 Deme B.295 Deme H1a.394 deme H1b.461 deme K.444 deime [L] [La] M.289 Deme [Loman]
Y.438 Demes B.296 Demess H1a.395 demes H1b.462 demes K.445 deimes [L] [La] M.290 Demes [Loman]
Y.439 Dommae B.297 Domnia H1a.396 doma H1b.463 doma K.446 doma [L] [La] M.291 Dommæ [Loman]
Y.440 Dubach B.298 Dubach H1a.397 dubach H1b.464 dubach K.447 dubach [L] [La] M.292 Dubach [Loman]
Y.441 Dulbair B.300 Dulbair H1a.398 dulbair H1b.465 dulbair K.448 dulbair [L] [La] M.293 Dulbair [Loman]
Y.442 Dimsi B.301 Diúire H1a.399 dimse H1b.466 dimsi K.449 dimsi [L] [La] M.294 Dimse [Loman]
Y.443 Dona B.303 Dona H1a.400 dona H1b.467 dona K.450 dona [L] [La] M.296 Donæ [Loman]
Y.444 Dair-fine B.304 Dairfine H1a.401 Dairfine H1b.468 Dairfine K.451 Dairfhine [L] [La] M.297 Darḟine [Loman]
Y.445 Duar-fine [B] H1a.402 duarfine H1b.469 duarfine K.452 duarfine [L] [La] M.298 Duar [Loman]
Y.446 Diancecht B.305 Diancécht H1a.403 Diancecht H1b.470 Diancecht K.453 Diancecht [L] [La] M.299 Diancecht [Loman]
Y.447 Deach B.306 Deach H1a.448 deach H1b.524 deach K.507 deach [L] [La] M.300 Deach [Loman]
Y.448 Delidin B.307 Delind H1a.405 deilidin H1b.472 delidin K.455 delidhin [L] [La] M.301 Deledind [Loman]
Y.449 Deme B.295 Deme H1a.394 deme H1b.461 deme K.444 deime [L] [La] M.289 Deme [Loman]
Y.450 Doi-duine B.310 Doiduine H1a.407 doiduine H1b.474 doiduine K.457 doiduine [L] [La] M.303 Doeduine [Loman]
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