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Sanas Cormaic (longer version)
Sanas Cormaic (shorter version)
Dúil Dromma Cetta
O’Mulconry’s Glossary

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5 matches found. Entries grouped by DIL headword. Click the version code to see the entry in context, or the manuscript reference to see the manuscript image (where available). Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions of H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.


TextVersion/RefReadingMS ref
Sanas CormaicY.17 Anserg .i. annsa a serg ł a ferg. no a nasa .i. srón. col. 3


TextVersion/RefReadingMS ref
Dúil Dromma CettaD1.319 Duairc .i. doaircsina é .i. ni háil la nech cid a déicsin; ł di-serc . p. 69b
Sanas CormaicYAdd.458 Duairc .i. do-aircsina .i. ni hail la nech cid a decin. no di-serc é. col. 32


TextVersion/RefReadingMS ref
O'Mulconry's GlossaryOM2.75 Felmac a filo .i. seircc fhis .i. mac fogloma. p. 42a


TextVersion/RefReadingMS ref
O'Mulconry's GlossaryOM1.750 Inmain .i. is cosmail do seirc mna. col. 117
* Asterisks after headwords indicate they are not in DIL; "cmpd" indicates they are found under compound section of headword.