15-28 October, Festival of Ideas: Extremes

15 October 2018 – 28 October 2018 all-day

2018 Festival of Ideas: EXTREMES

List of ASNC events


Dates of the Festival: 15-28 October

Main date for Sidgwick Site events: 20 October (Saturday)


Wednesday 17 October, 17:00—18:00, GR06/07 

Whose extremism? Rethinking the traditional account of religious
extremism in Western Christianity in the fifth century
Dr Ali Bonner


Saturday 20 October, GR06/07

13:00—13:30: Snow White and Alá Flekks saga: Extremes of Adaptation
James McIntosh

13:30—14:00: X-Games Medieval Welsh Edition: Reading extreme behaviour in medieval Welsh narrative
Dara Hellman

14:00—14:30: From the 10th century to the 21st: The Case of The Old English Homilies, mostly by Ælfric
Dr Anne McLaughlin

14:30—15:00: Lesser Acts of the Saints: The Most Underwhelming Miracles from
Medieval Wales
Dr David Callander

15:00—15:30: ‘Seek if you should dare!’: Heroism and Extreme Environments in Old English Poetry
Emma Knowles

15:30—16:00: Jesus the leaping flea, or Extreme Bible Reading with the Venerable Bede
Rosalind Love

16:00—16:30: St Boniface: an Extreme Englishman
Calum Platts

16:30—17:00: Extremes of Grief: The Lamenting Woman in Old Irish Literature
Becky Shercliff


Wednesday 24 October, 17:00—18:00, GR06/07

The long and the short of it: words and their extremities in the languages of early

medieval Britain and Ireland
Prof. Máire Ní Mhaonaigh, Dr Richard Dance

For further information go to https://www.festivalofideas.cam.ac.uk/