Collaborative PhD Training Projects

Since 2006 the Department has participated in collaborative training projects for PhD students of Old Norse and Scandinavian History. The success of the initial programme, hosted by the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Bergen and funded by the Tennant Fund at the University of Cambridge, drew in Nottingham and Oxford universities in 2008 and attracted AHRC collaborative research training funding. The first tranch of AHRC funding for the Cambridge-Oxford-Nottingham consortium was for the scheme ‘Research Methods in Old Norse-Icelandic and Viking Studies’ in 2008-10 and this was followed by a second two-year grant in 2010-12 – this time involving PhD students from all over the UK – for ‘Master-Classes in Language Skills’, based in the Department. Four-day residential workshops provided students with the opportunity to take intensive language courses in modern Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish and German. Since then, more substantial funding from the AHRC has been awarded to the Languages, Myths and Finds scheme.


Cultural Engagement Projects

Two projects, run by Dr Deborah Potts and funded by the AHRC Cultural Engagement Fund, were based in the Department in 2013.

Modern Poets on Viking Poetry is a cultural translation project which involved commissioning compositions by British poets responding to the aesthetic of Old Norse poetry. The project cultivated dialogue between academics who had recently edited skaldic poems and contemporary poets. Readings of new works were held in Cambridge and London and a web anthology has been produced.  

The second project, Kennings in the Community has resulted in a valuable resource for teachers, poets and any interested members of the public who want to learn about the scope for the use of the kenning (a feature of Old Norse poetry) as a stimulus for poetic creativity.