Dr Anna Gannon

Honorary Research Associate

(to 30/9/2017)

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Academic Interests

Dr Anna Gannon gained her first degree in Italy, where she studied Modern Languages and specialised in German Philology. She read History of Art at the University of Cambridge, where she went on to get a PhD for her work on Anglo-Saxon coinage and art, which was published as The Iconography of Early Anglo-Saxon Coinage (Oxford University Press, 2003). She has worked at the British Museum as an assistant curator in the Coin Department, and as special researcher in the Department of Prehistory and Europe, reporting on Treasure, and as a contributor and editor of annual reports to Parliament.

Her principal research interests are in Anglo-Saxon coinage, Late Antiquity and the advent of Christianity, Germanic and Insular Art and culture, and Classical Architecture. She has written a number of articles in English and Italian on coinage and metalwork and has curated an exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (Knots and Crosses) and contributed to one at the Fitzwilliam (Art in the Round), which also travelled to Norwich and Ipswich.

She is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, London, Fellow of St Edmund's College, and Affiliated Lecturer in the Department of History of Art.

She is Director of Studies for History of Art for St Edmund's, Lucy Cavendish, Fitzwilliam, Wolfson and Selwyn College.

Selected Publications


  • The Iconography of Early Anglo-Saxon Coinage (6th-8th centuries), Oxford 2003.    (Paperback reprint, Oxford University Press 2010)

Recent Publications

  • ‘Coins, images and tales from the holy land: questions of theology and orthodoxy’, in New perspectives – Studies in early medieval Coinage, T Abramson, ed. Woodbridge 2011, 88-103.
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  • Treasure Annual Report 2003 – Department of Culture, Media and Sport, London 2005 (as general editor and contributor for the Departments of Coins & Medals and Prehistory & Europe of the British Museum).
  • Treasure Annual Report 2002 – Department of Culture, Media and Sport, London 2004 (as general editor and contributor for the Departments of Coins & Medals and Prehistory & Europe of the British Museum).
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