Academic Staff:
Dr Judy Quinn

Senior Lecturer in Old Norse
Fellow, Newnham College

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Judy Quinn


Newnham College, Cambridge, CB3 9DF (+44 1223 335819)
Department of ASNC
Faculty of English, 9 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP
Office: S-R37 (+44-1223-767317), email:    

Departmental/College Responsibilities

  • Director of Graduate Studies
  • Director of Studies in ASNC for Newnham College and King's College
  • Teaching in Old Norse language and literature (Part I, Paper 6), Palaeography (Part I, Paper 10), Advanced Medieval Scandinavian language and literature (Part II, Paper 6) and Textual Criticism (Pt II, Paper 10)
  • Supervision of graduate students in Old Norse literature and Old English literature

Academic Interests (teaching and research)

  • Old Norse eddic and skaldic poetry; the valkyrie in Old Norse poetry; Old Norse saga literature; orality and literacy in medieval Scandinavia; theory and praxis in the editing of Old Norse texts.
  • President, Viking Society for Northern Research
  • Editor, Viking and Medieval Scandinavia (Brepols)
  • Editor-in-chief, Studies in Viking and Medieval Scandinavia (Brepols)
  • Member of Editorial Board, Gripla (Stofnun Árna Magnússonar, Reykjaví­k)

Selected Publications

  • 'The Principles of Textual Criticism and the Interpretation of Old Norse Texts Derived from Oral Tradition', in The Hyperborean Muse: Studies in the Transmission and Reception of Old Norse Literature, ed. Judy Quinn and Maria Adele Cipolla, Acta Scandinavica (Turnhout: Brepols, forthcoming 2015)
  • (ed., with Maria Adele Cipolla), The Hyperborean Muse: Studies in the Transmission and Reception of Old Norse Literature, Acta Scandinavica (Turnhout: Brepols, forthcoming 2015) ISBN 978-2-503-55553-9. Pp. viii + 290
  • 'Precarious ties: The social critique of dynastic networking in eddic heroic poetry', in Applications of Network Theory to Medieval and Modern European Literary and Cultural Traditions, ed. Birge Hilsmann and Susanne Kramarz-Bein (Münster: LIT, 2015), pp. 34-69
  • 'Scenes of vindication: Three Icelandic heroic poems in relation to the continental traditions of Þiðreks saga af Bern and the Nibelungenlied', in Medieval Nordic Literature in its European Context, ed. Else Mundal (Oslo: Dreyer, 2014), pp. 78-125
  • 'Mythologizing the sea: the Nordic sea-deity Rán', in Nordic Mythologies: Interpretations, Institutions, Intersections, ed. Tim Tangherlini, The Wildcat Canyon Advanced Seminars: Mythology 1 (Berkeley and Los Angeles: North Pinehurst Press, 2014), pp. 71-97
  • 'Death and the king: Grottasöngr in its eddic context', Scripta Islandica 64 (2013): 39-65 (pdf)
  • 'Mythological motivation in eddic heroic poetry: interpreting Grottasöngr', in Revisiting the Poetic Edda. Essays on Old Norse Heroic Legend, ed. Paul Acker and Carolyne Larrington (New York: Routledge, 2013), pp. 159-182
  • 'The "Wind of the Giantess": Snorri Sturluson, Rudolf Meissner and the Interpretation of Mythological Kennings along Taxonomic Lines', Viking and Medieval Scandinavia 8 (2012): 207-259 (pdf)
  • (ed., with Emily Lethbridge), Creating the Medieval Saga: Versions, Variability and Editorial Interpretations of Old Norse Saga Literature, The Viking Collection 18 (Odense: University Press of Southern Denmark, 2010), pp. 334
  •  'Introduction', in Creating the Medieval Saga: Versions, Variability and Editorial Interpretations of Old Norse Saga Literature, The Viking Collection 18 (Odense: University Press of Southern Denmark. 2010), pp. 13-37
  • 'Liquid Knowledge: Traditional Conceptualisations of Learning in Eddic Poetry', in Along the Oral-Written Continuum: Types of Texts, Relations and their Implications, ed. Slavica Rankovic, Leidulf Melve and Else Mundal, Utrecht Studies in Medieval Literacy 20 (Turnhout: Brepols, 2010), pp. 175-217
  • 'Betrothal and betrayal: the eddic tradition's treatment of Sigurðr', in Á austrvega. Saga and East Scandinavia: Preprint papers of The 14th International Saga Conference, ed. Agneta Ney, Henrik Williams and Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist, Papers from the department of Humanities and Social Sciences 14 (Gävle: Gävle University Press, 2009), II, pp. 783-87
  • 'The Endless Triangles of Eddic Tragedy: Reading Oddrúnargrátr', in Studi anglo-norreni in onore di John S. McKinnell, ed. Maria Elena Ruggerini (Cagliari, CUEC, 2009), pp. 304-326
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  • 'Introduction', in Learning and Understanding in the Old Norse World. Essays in Honour of Margaret Clunies Ross, ed. Judy Quinn, Kate Heslop and Tarrin Wills, Medieval Texts and Cultures of Northern Europe 18 (Turnhout: Brepols, 2007), pp. 1-10
  • (ed.) 'Interrogating Genre in the Fornaldarsögur: Round-Table Discussion', Viking and Medieval Scandinavia 2 (2006), 276-96
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  • 'The end of a fantasy: Sörla þáttr and the rewriting of the revivification myth', in The Fantastic in Old Norse/Icelandic Literature I-II, ed. John McKinnell, David Ashurst and Donata Kick (Durham: Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2006), II, pp. 808-16
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