Kathryn Haley-Halinski, Pembroke

Degree: PhD
Course: ASNC
Supervisor: Prof Judy Quinn
Dissertation Title:

Birds and Avian Beings in Old Norse Beliefs and Mentalities, 500-1200

Biographical Information

Pronouns: They/Them

I was born and bought up in London, where I did my BA in English Literature at King's College London. After a year out, I then did an MA in Viking and Medieval Norse Studies at the University of Iceland and the University of Oslo. Between my MA and my PhD, I did a three-month project on Migration Period bracteates at Aarhus University. 

Research Interests

My current main area of focus is human-bird interactions and relationships in medieval Iceland and Scandinavia, using Human-Animal Studies as a theoretical framework. I have previously worked on pre-Christian Norse religion and cognitive approaches to kennings in skaldic verse (Old Norse poetry) at a graduate level.

I also engage a lot with film, particularly in the horror genre, and have given a talk on medieval queerness and its (mis)representations in film at the Rural Gothic series of conferences.

Areas of Supervision

Old Norse literature; Old English literature.

Selected Publications

'Jons Saga Leiksveins: A Text and Translation', New Norse Studies 1 (Forthcoming). Collaborative edition and translation with J. Y. H. Hui, F. Colombo, J. McIntosh, Brynja Þorgeirsdóttir, C. M. Ellis.

'The Eagle's Oars Are Feathers', Quaestio Insularis 19 (2018), pp. 52-69

Kennings in Mind and Memory: Cognitive Poetics and Skaldic Verse, MA thesis (Oslo, 2017)

'Paths of Belonging: Nomadic Identity and Ritual Place in the Rus' Funeral of Ibn Fadlan', Rus' and the World of the Nomads (The Second Half of the 9th-16th Century), Colloquia Russica Ser. 1, vol. 7 (2017), pp. 45-54


Recordings of conference presentations I have given can be found at the following links: