Name: Andauer

Print refTV IV.1 862 (list of abbreviations)
MaterialWriting tablet
LocationVindolanda, Northumberland
Population group
RegionHadrian's Wall
Datec. AD 95–105
General notesAndauer faber. The second element is unclear. Possibly Germanic like the other names on this tablet.
Name typeSingle
Element 1ande- intensive prefix: DLG 45-6; GPN 136-41; KGP 126-31; Ptol.; OPEL i.108-10; NPC 211 (abbreviations)
Element 2uiro- 'man': DLG 321-2; GPN 286-8; KGP 296-8; AILR; Ptol.; SAOI 119; ACP-N 124-5; OPEL iv. 173-5; NPC 236 (abbreviations)
Occurs elsewhere in Roman Empire?