Name: Anted[ios] / Antedrig

NameAnted[ios] / Antedrig
Print refHobbs 3023, 3030-3032, 3790, 3791, 3800, 3856, 3960, 4028; Mays p.70, 58-59 (list of abbreviations)
Population groupDobunni; Iceni
RegionSouth-western counties; East Anglia
DateLate first century BC to early first century AD
General notesANEO, ANTED, ANTEΘ, ANTEO; ANT, ANTĐ, ANTD, ANTED, ANTEĐI; ANEORIG, ANTEDRIG, ANTEORIG. In the final three variants RIG may be the title 'king' or part of the compound.
Name type
Element 1ande- intensive prefix: DLG 45-6; GPN 136-41; KGP 126-31; Ptol.; OPEL i.108-10; NPC 211 (abbreviations)
Element 2ri:go- ?
Suffix -odio- : Wodtko, 235; LG I 330 (abbreviations)
Occurs elsewhere in Roman Empire?Yes