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BelSouth Shields, Tyne and WearAmphora
BelBaldock, HertfordshireContext mid to late third-centurySamian ware
Belaluci[us]Mancetter, WarwickshireStamp CAPITV.F dated to c. AD 50–65Samian ware
BelatorBath, Somersetc. AD 175–275Alloy sheet
BelcatiBath, SomersetSecond century?Pewter plate
Beleni[...]Maryport, CumbriaCoarse pottery
BeliatusWanborough, WiltshireFourth century contextMortarium
BelicianusHousesteads, NorthumberlandVessel late second/early third centuryCoarse pottery
BelicianusCaerleon, GwentDMGabled tombstone
BelismicusCaerleon, GwentOolite slab
BellatorYork, North YorkshireDMStone coffin
BellausBath, SomersetSecond century?Pewter plate
Bellenia(or n)Baldock, HertfordshireContext second to third-centurySamian ware
BellettusHolt, ClwydORC c. AD 150–275Brick
BelliciaShakenoak, OxfordshireSyrinx of clay
BellicianusChester, CheshireDis M(anibus)Rectangular tombstone
BellicianusCaerwent, GwentBrick
BellicusChester, CheshireDMRectangular tombstone
BellicusCarrawburgh, NorthumberlandVSLMAltar
BellicusBinchester, County DurhamNRC of fourth centuryTile
BellicusLondonWriting tablet
BellicusMichaelchurch, HerefordshireSandstone altar
Belligedo[ ?Vindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 92–115Writing tablet
BelliniBath, SomersetSecond century?Pewter plate
BellinusPiercebridge, County DurhamBuilding-stone
[B]ellinusOverborough, LancashireVSLMAltar
BillicaBillericay, EssexSamian ware
Billicu[s]Bloomberg excavations, LondonAD 65-80wood
CunobelinosAD 43
CunobelinusLate first century BC to early first century ADCoin
SedebeliaBath, Somersetc. AD 275–400Alloy sheet
SenebelenaeUley, GloucestershireLead sheet

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