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AndecarusVindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 92–115Writing tablet
Car[...]VindolandaSamian ware
Cara?Late first century BC to early first century ADCoin
CaraVindolanda, NorthumberlandSecond half of Second century AD (probably Antonine)Bronze strip
Carant[...Vindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 95-105Writing tablet
CarantiVindolanda, NorthumberlandSecond half of second century AD (probably Antonine)Bronze strip
CarantiiVindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 95-105Boxwood comb
CaratacusAD 43–51
Caraticu[s]Richborough, KentSamian ware
CarnucusBewcastle, CumbriaSamian ware
CartimanduaAD 53–54
CartivelLate first century BC to early first century ADCoin
Carviliusc. 54 BC
CoroticaWest Kington, WiltshireVSLMLimestone altar

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