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Minu(v)assusUley, GloucestershireLead sheet
MorivassusBath, Somersetc. AD 175–275Alloy sheet
NeuuassiusVindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 95-105Writing tablet
RiovassusBath, Somersetc. AD 175–275Alloy sheet
VassedoColchester, EssexCoarse pottery
VassicillusPagan's Hill, SomersetLead sheet
VassinusStony Stratford, BuckinghamshireSilver plate
VassuColchester, EssexCoarse pottery
VassuraTowcester, NorthamptonshireThird centuryLead sheet
VastiniVindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 95–105Writing tablet

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