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Aboacus / iusChester-le-Street, County DurhamStamp of private tile-maker
AmbicapitiColchester, Essexlate second/early third century ADPottery
Ario[Colchester, Essexmid to late third century ADMarble panel
AriovistusKenchester, HerefordshireOculist's stamp
Atcivio[s]Colchester, Essex?AD 43–60Brooch
BellicianusChester, CheshireDis M(anibus)Rectangular tombstone
BellicusBinchester, County DurhamNRC of fourth centuryTile
BellicusChester, CheshireDMRectangular tombstone
BirginusSilchester, HampshireTegula
Bitiupr[…]Chesters, NorthumberlandSamian ware
BriginusChichester / LondonGlass vessel
BrigomaglosChesterholm, NorthumberlandTombstone
[Brioc]us ?Chesterholm, NorthumberlandTombstone
CataColchester, EssexStamp OF.C[A]NTI dated c. AD 25–50Samian ware
CatugnavusBinchester, County DurhamNRC of fourth centuryTile
CintusmusColchester, EssexVSLMBronze plate
Cuni[…]Winchester, HampshireLate third or fourth-century contextCoarse pottery
CunoarusChesterton, Cambridgeshire?mortarium stamp
CunovendusBinchester, County DurhamNRC of fourth centuryTile
D(o)cillinaSilchester, HampshireFourth century AD (based on lettering)Lead tablet
ExuperatusChesterholm, NorthumberlandRubbish deposit c. AD 300Coarse pottery
IamcillaChesterton, CambridgeshireSilver votive plaque
KunarisChesterSamian dish
LanuccusGreat Chesters, NorthumberlandDis Manib(us)Tombstone
LitegenusGreat Chesterford, EssexBrick
LossioColchester, EssexAD 222–235Bronze ansate plate
LuccusColchester, EssexIron knife
LuciusChester, CheshireStamp OF CRESTI dated c. AD 45–90Samian ware
MatugenusChesterholm, NorthumberlandStamp ADVOCISI.O dated c. AD 160–190Samian ware
MatugenusChesterholm, NorthumberlandCoarse pottery
MedKenchester, HerefordshireSamian ware
MoxiusChesters, NorthumberlandStamp CAMVL[INI?] dated to c. AD 150–180Samian ware
PertacusSilchester, HampshireCursive probably pre c. 150Tile
SenaculusChesterholm, NorthumberlandAltar
SenicianaBinchester, County DurhamNRC of fourth centuryTile
SenicianusSilchester, HampshireFourth centuryFinger-ring
SenicianusBinchester, County DurhamNRC of fourth centuryTile
SennianusChesterton, CambridgeshireMortarium
SenovarusColchester, EssexBone handle
Serano ?Chester, CheshireCoping-stone
SolinusBinchester, County DurhamNRC of fourth centuryTile
SualinosSilchester, HampshireStave of a wooden barrel
TamBinchester, County DurhamLead roundel
[To]gidubnusChichester, West Sussex1st ADMarble slab
UrilucolusIlchester, SomersetCoarse pottery
VassedoColchester, EssexCoarse pottery
VassuColchester, EssexCoarse pottery
VatiaucusGodmanchester, CambridgeshireDSDBronze votive plaque
VedaColchester, EssexAD 222–235Bronze ansate plate
VepogeniColchester, EssexAD 222–235Bronze ansate plate
VerctissaSilchester, HampshireWooden barrel
VindaciusKenchester, HerefordshireOculist's stamp
VoduniusChesters, Northumberland?Stamp CIN[NAMVS] dated c. AD 135–155Samian ware
[…]mandusBinchester, County DurhamVSLMAltar

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