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RegalisLeicesterAD 150-250 (based on lettering - Old Roman Cursive)Lead sheet
[R]en[tiu]s ?Caerleon, GwentTombstone
RiaCaerleon, GwentStamp TRIVESF dated to Antonine periodSamian ware
RiacusVindolandaSandstone slab
RianorixMaryport, CumbriaTombstone
RiomandusLeicesterAD 150-250 (based on lettering - Old Roman Cursive)Lead sheet
RiovassusBath, Somersetc. AD 175–275Alloy sheet
RiticiTower Hamlets, Greater LondonCoarse pottery
Rosula ?Uley, GloucestershireBronze sheet
RuesMid to late first century BCCoin
RuuiBishop's Stortford, HertfordshireNRC c. AD 275–400Carinated bowl

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