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TamBinchester, County DurhamLead roundel
TamesubugusOxford, OxfordshireSherd
TammWanborough, WiltshireCoarse pottery
TancorixOld Carlisle, CumbriaTombstone
TasciovanusMid to late first century BCCoin
TasulusOld Carlisle, CumbriaVSLMAltar
TatirumBath, SomersetLead sheet
Taximagulusc. 54 BC
Tegernem[Eaton, Leics.copper-alloy
TigirsenosLate first century BC to early first century ADCoin
Tincommiusc. 30 BC–AD 10
Tincommius / TincomarusMid first century BC to early first century ADCoin
TitocunaRatcliffe-on-Soar, NottinghamshireLead sheet
TitumusBath, Somersetc. AD 175–275Alloy sheet
TocitamusGloucestershire / Avon?ORC c. AD 150–275Lead sheet
[To]gidubnusChichester, West Sussex1st ADMarble slab
TogodumnosAD 43
Toss[o]dioHadrian's wallBuilding-stone
TotiaBath, Somersetc. AD 175–275Alloy sheet
TrenicoAncaster, LincolnshireLimestone slab
TrenusRoecliffe, North YorkshireMilitary occupation c. AD 71–85Samian ware
Trinnus /iusBath, Somersetc. AD 175–275Alloy sheet
Trou[...Vindoland, Northumberlandc. AD 95-105Writing tablet
Troucisso?Vindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 92–115Writing tablet

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