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[.]iberna[…]Caerleon, GwentFlavian contextCoarse pottery
Abuccu[s]Llanberis, GwyneddBronze vessel
Albuc[…Caerleon, GwentSamian ware
BelicianusCaerleon, GwentDMGabled tombstone
BelismicusCaerleon, GwentOolite slab
BellettusHolt, ClwydORC c. AD 150–275Brick
BellicianusCaerwent, GwentBrick
Coro[ti]caCaerleon, GwentTombstone
CunicatusCaerleon, GwentCoarse pottery
[D]animacus / [...]inimalusCaerleon, GwentSandstone building stone
Es[….]AngleseyCopper ingot
Exuper(a)tusCaerleon, Gwent2nd ADGabled tombstone
ExuperataCaerleon, Gwent2nd ADGabled tombstone
Hisauus ?Caerleon, GwentPillar
LestinusCaerleon, GwentTombstone
LuciCaerleon, GwentStamp OF.VITAL[…] dated c. AD 70–90Samian ware
MunatiusCaerleon, GwentTombstone
[R]en[tiu]s ?Caerleon, GwentTombstone
RiaCaerleon, GwentStamp TRIVESF dated to Antonine periodSamian ware
[Se]necianusCaerleon, GwentFCOolitic tombstone
SenicaCaerleon, GwentStandstone tombstone
Suali[us]CaerwentSamian ware
Vallaun[i]usCaerleon, Gwent2nd ADGabled tombstone
VeldiccaCaerleon, GwentD[M]?Gabled tombstone
[…]matunac[…]Caerleon, GwentSandstone tombstone

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