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[.]iberna[…]Caerleon, GwentFlavian contextCoarse pottery
AdminiusAD 39–40
AmbicciBloomberg excavations, LondonAD 65-80wood
AndocSt. Albans, HertfordshireAugustan contextCoarse pottery
Atcivio[s]Colchester, Essex?AD 43–60Brooch
AteciuThruxton, Hampshire?AD 43–60Copper-alloy brooch
AtgiviosWroxeter, Shropshire?AD 43–60Brooch
AtignomarusBloomberg excavations, LondonAD 65-80wood
AucissaAll Cannings, Wiltshire?AD 43–60Brooch
Aucissapassim?AD 43–60Brooch
Belaluci[us]Mancetter, WarwickshireStamp CAPITV.F dated to c. AD 50–65Samian ware
Billicu[s]Bloomberg excavations, LondonAD 65-80wood
BitucusCirencester, GloucestershireHSETombstone
BitudacusLeicester, LeicestershireStamp OFABITI dated c. AD 45–65Samian ware
BlateroCanterbury, KentStamp PASSEN dated c. AD 60–80Samian ware
BodukusEdgbaston, BirminghamContext AD 40–70Handle of a copper-alloy ladle
Boudiccac. AD 60
Butu[m]Bloomberg excavations, LondonAD 65-80wood
Calgacusc. AD 84
CaratacusAD 43–51
CartimanduaAD 53–54
CassivellaunusAD 43
CataColchester, EssexStamp OF.C[A]NTI dated c. AD 25–50Samian ware
CatiaBrockley Hill, MiddlesexProbably FlavianDie
CatuarusFishbourne, West SussexFirst century contextGold ring
CatusRoecliffe, North YorkshireMilitary occupation c. AD 71–85Samian ware
Cogidumnusfirst century AD
CunobelinosAD 43
DanucoBloomberg excavations, LondonAD 60-70wood
Deuillu[s]Bloomberg excavations, LondonAD 80-95wood
LitugenumBloomberg excavations, LondonAD 80-95wood
LuciCaerleon, GwentStamp OF.VITAL[…] dated c. AD 70–90Samian ware
LuciusChester, CheshireStamp OF CRESTI dated c. AD 45–90Samian ware
Lucon[…]Droitwich, WorcestershireContext mid first centuryCoarse pottery
LuguseluoBloomberg excavations, LondonAD 60-70wood
MagunumBloomberg excavations, LondonAD 80-95wood
MatoLondonStamp OPASSIEN dated c. AD 50–65Samian ware
MogontioBloomberg excavations, LondonAD 65-80wood
Nama[Bloomberg excavations, LondonAD 80-95wood
NamatobogioBloomberg excavations, LondonAD 80-95wood
Prasutagusc. AD 60
[Se]necianusCaerleon, GwentFCOolitic tombstone
[Sene]cioOld Winteringham, LincolnshireStamp OFCALVI dated to c. AD 65–90, second century context Samian ware
SenecioNewstead, RoxburghshireFlavian contextBronze pommel-stiffeners
[To]gidubnusChichester, West Sussex1st ADMarble slab
TogodumnosAD 43
TrenusRoecliffe, North YorkshireMilitary occupation c. AD 71–85Samian ware
VanniiBloomberg excavations, LondonAD 65-80wood
VellocatusAD 53–54
[V]elugnaLeicester, LeicestershireContext first half of first centuryCoarse pottery
VenutiusAD 53–54
Vericac. AD 42
VericaEarly first century ADCoin
VindicianusEastness, North YorkshireFCStone coffin
VindissusNewstead, RoxburghshireFlavian contextIron tool

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