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BelicianusCaerleon, GwentDMGabled tombstone
BellicianusCaerwent, GwentBrick
BellicianusChester, CheshireDis M(anibus)Rectangular tombstone
LovernianusAppleford, BerkshirePewter vessel
LucanusCatterick, North YorkshireSamian ware
LucanusCirencester, GloucestershireCoarse pottery
LuccianiBath, SomersetSecond century?Pewter plate
LucianusOspringe, KentStamp PA[TII]RIXXSamian ware
LucianusBath, SomersetAlloy sheet
[Se]necianusCaerleon, GwentFCOolitic tombstone
VindicianusEastness, North YorkshireFCStone coffin
VindicianusRavenscar, North YorkshireSandstone slab
VindicianusOld Penrith, CumbriaDMTombstone
[…]lucani[…]LondonSamian ware

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