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Aboacus / iusChester-le-Street, County DurhamStamp of private tile-maker
Abuccu[s]Llanberis, GwyneddBronze vessel
AdatuucusWereham, NorfolkBronze steelyard
Aeđi(c?)?Late first century BC to early first century ADCoin
AlatuccaNewport, Isle of WightCoarse pottery
Albuc[…Caerleon, GwentSamian ware
AmbicciBloomberg excavations, LondonAD 65-80wood
AndocoMid to late first century BCCoin
Argentokoxosthird century AD
AtavacusUley, GloucestershireLead sheet
BelicianusHousesteads, NorthumberlandVessel late second/early third centuryCoarse pottery
BelismicusCaerleon, GwentOolite slab
BellicianusCaerwent, GwentBrick
BellicianusChester, CheshireDis M(anibus)Rectangular tombstone
BellicusBinchester, County DurhamNRC of fourth centuryTile
BellicusLondonWriting tablet
BellicusMichaelchurch, HerefordshireSandstone altar
BellicusChester, CheshireDMRectangular tombstone
BellicusCarrawburgh, NorthumberlandVSLMAltar
BiccusUley, GloucestershireLead sheet
Bikk[us]York, North YorkshireSamian ware
BillicaBillericay, EssexSamian ware
Billicu[s]Bloomberg excavations, LondonAD 65-80wood
Bitu[cus]Catterick, North YorkshireSamian ware
BitucusCirencester, GloucestershireHSETombstone
BitudacusLeicester, LeicestershireStamp OFABITI dated c. AD 45–65Samian ware
BodicaciaCirencester, GloucestershireNo dating information providedstone
BodicaciaCirencester, GloucestershireNo dating information providedstone
BodukusEdgbaston, BirminghamContext AD 40–70Handle of a copper-alloy ladle
Boduoc?Late first century BC to early first century ADCoin
Boudiccac. AD 60
[Brioc]us ?Chesterholm, NorthumberlandTombstone
BrocchusVindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 92–115Writing tablet
BruceriBath, SomersetSecond century?Alloy sheet
BrucetiCirencester, GloucestershireVSLMStone altar
BrucetiBath, SomersetSacrum f(ecit) l(ibens) m(erito)Statue base
Calgacusc. AD 84
CaratacusAD 43–51
Caraticu[s]Richborough, KentSamian ware
CarnucusBewcastle, CumbriaSamian ware
CenacusUley, Gloucestershirec. AD 175–275Lead sheet
CistumucusBirrens, DumfriesshireRed sandstone slab
Cocca ?Cambridge, CambridgeshireCoarse pottery
ComindoCarrawburgh, NorthumberlandDMTombstone
CommicoHenlow Park, BedforshireSamian ware
ComuxLate first century BC to early first century ADCoin
Congallus / ConvallusRutherglen, LanarkshireBronze vessel
CongennicusSouth Shields, Tyne and WearVSLMAltar
CorLate first century BC to early first century ADCoin
Corio?Late first century BC to early first century ADCoin
CoroticaWest Kington, WiltshireVSLMLimestone altar
Coro[ti]caCaerleon, GwentTombstone
CuniciusBarnardiston, Suffolkcopper-alloy
[D]animacus / [...]inimalusCaerleon, GwentSandstone building stone
DanucoBloomberg excavations, LondonAD 60-70wood
DumnocoverosLate first century BC to early first century ADCoin
E[b]uracioOld Carlisle, CumbriaVSLLMAltar
EnicaBath, Somersetc. AD 175–275Alloy sheet
EpaticcusLate first century BC to early first century ADCoin
EpillicusLondonWooden writing-tablet
EsicoLate first century BC to early first century ADCoin
Frymiacus ?Traprain Law, East LothianChristianSilver vessel
IcotasgusLeicester, LeicestershirePotter active AD 130–60Mortarium
IviacusYork, North YorkshireSamian ware
LanuccusGreat Chesters, NorthumberlandDis Manib(us)Tombstone
LousicoHenlow Park, BedforshireSamian ware
LoverniscaBath, Somersetc. AD 175–275Alloy sheet
LucanusCatterick, North YorkshireSamian ware
LucanusCirencester, GloucestershireCoarse pottery
LuccianiBath, SomersetSecond century?Pewter plate
LuccusColchester, EssexIron knife
LuciOld Harlow, EssexCoarse pottery
LuciCaerleon, GwentStamp OF.VITAL[…] dated c. AD 70–90Samian ware
LuciCanvey Island, EssexCoarse pottery
LuciLondonSamian ware
LuciStanwix, CumbriaStamp BVTVRO dated c. AD 140–165Samian ware
LuciBeckingham, NottinghamshireSamian ware
LucianusOspringe, KentStamp PA[TII]RIXXSamian ware
LucianusBath, SomersetAlloy sheet
LucileStaines, SurreySamian ware
LuciliaUley, GloucestershireLead sheet
LucillusBath, SomersetSecond century?Pewter plate
LuciusAntonine Wall, DuntocherRoman stone
LuciusChester, CheshireStamp OF CRESTI dated c. AD 45–90Samian ware
LuciusOspringe, KentStamp PA[TII]RIXXSamian ware
Lucon[…]Droitwich, WorcestershireContext mid first centuryCoarse pottery
Luc[…]Boughton, KentSamian ware
Lugotorixc. 54 BC
LugracusCarlisle, CumbriaComb
MaccisCorbridge, NorthumberlandStamp SIIXTI.M dated to c. AD 160–200Samian ware
MaccusSt. Albans, HertfordshireSamian ware
[M]andacusGosberton, Lincsgreen stone (possibly slate)
Mandubracius55 BC
MicicoVindolanda, NorthumberlandSamian ware
Minc[...Vindolanda, NorthumberlandEarly 2nd century ADPottery
MinconisVindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 95-105Writing tablet
OllocusCarlisle, Cumbriac. AD 79–103/5Writing tablet
PaltuccaBath, Somersetc. AD 275–400Alloy sheet
PertacusSilchester, HampshireCursive probably pre c. 150Tile
PetiacusBath, Somersetc. AD 175–275Alloy sheet
RiacusVindolandaSandstone slab
RiticiTower Hamlets, Greater LondonCoarse pottery
SatavacusShakenoak, OxfordshireSyrinx of clay
Sco[ti]usBath, Somersetc. AD 275–400Alloy sheet
SediacusBath, Somersetc. AD 175–275Alloy sheet
Segovaxc. 54 BC
SenaculusChesterholm, NorthumberlandAltar
[Se]necianusCaerleon, GwentFCOolitic tombstone
SenuacusHolditch, StaffordshireSamian ware
TancorixOld Carlisle, CumbriaTombstone
Tincommiusc. 30 BC–AD 10
Tincommius / TincomarusMid first century BC to early first century ADCoin
TrenicoAncaster, LincolnshireLimestone slab
Trou[...Vindoland, Northumberlandc. AD 95-105Writing tablet
Troucisso?Vindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 92–115Writing tablet
ValaunecusBath, Somersetc. AD 275–400Alloy sheet
VatiaucusGodmanchester, CambridgeshireDSDBronze votive plaque
VeldiccaCaerleon, GwentD[M]?Gabled tombstone
VendicinaLeicesterAD 150-250 (based on lettering - Old Roman Cursive)Lead sheet
Vericac. AD 42
VericaEarly first century ADCoin
VernicoCastlethorpe, BuckinghamshireIn urn with coins of AD 138–169Bracelet
VindaciusKenchester, HerefordshireOculist's stamp
VindalicusCorbridge, NorthumberlandStamp [AN]DEGENI dated c. AD 150–180Samian ware
VindicianusEastness, North YorkshireFCStone coffin
VindicianusRavenscar, North YorkshireSandstone slab
VindicianusOld Penrith, CumbriaDMTombstone
VrocataBeckfoot, CumbriaEarly fourth century pot used as urnCoarse pottery
[…]acusSaham Toney, NorfolkCoarse pottery
[…]catu[…]Corbridge, NorthumberlandAmphora
[…]eriacusSouth Shields, Tyne and WearBrick
[…]matunac[…]Caerleon, GwentSandstone tombstone
[…]omecoPuckeridge, HertfordshireContext second half of second centuryCoarse pottery

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