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AessicuniaBath, Somersetc. AD 275–400Alloy sheet
Cundac[East Farleigh, Kent3rd centuryLead sheet
CunedecanesLeintwardine, HerefordshireFourth-century contextLead sheet
CunicatusCaerleon, GwentCoarse pottery
CunitiusBath, SomersetSecond century?Alloy sheet
CunittusLeintwardine, HerefordshireFourth-century contextLead sheet
CunitusHenhull, CheshireLead vessel
Cuni[…]Winchester, HampshireLate third or fourth-century contextCoarse pottery
CunoaritusEast Farleigh, Kent3rd centuryLead sheet
CunoarusChesterton, Cambridgeshire?mortarium stamp
CunobarrusCaistor, Lincolnshirepossibly 4th c.lead tank
CunobelinosAD 43
CunobelinusLate first century BC to early first century ADCoin
Cunol[…]vaSt. Albans, HertfordshireLate third or fourth-century bowlCoarse pottery
CunomoltusBath, SomersetSecond century?Alloy sheet
CunomorinusTowcester, NorthamptonshireThird centuryLead sheet
CunovendusLeicesterAD 150-250 (based on lettering - Old Roman Cursive)Lead sheet
CunovendusBinchester, County DurhamNRC of fourth centuryTile
Cunovindus / Cunovendu[s]Northumberland ?Slab of sandstone
CunovinnaUley, Gloucestershirec. AD 175–275Lead sheet
CunsaBath, Somersetc. AD 275–400Alloy sheet
CunsusBath, Somersetc. AD 275–400Alloy sheet
Cun[…]Lincoln, LincolnshireCoarse pottery
Cun[…]Bower Chalke, WiltshireCoarse pottery
KunarisChesterSamian dish
QunavoCamelon, StirlingshireSamian ware
TitocunaRatcliffe-on-Soar, NottinghamshireLead sheet
VerconusCarlisle, Cumbriac. AD 79–103/5Writing tablet