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AmminusKent?Late first century BC to early first century ADCoin
Atined[East Farleigh, Kent3rd centuryLead sheet
[Atr]ectu[s]East Farleigh, Kent3rd centuryLead sheet
BlateroCanterbury, KentStamp PASSEN dated c. AD 60–80Samian ware
ButuEccles Villa, KentLate-Roman cursive, probably fourth centuryLead sheet
Caraticu[s]Richborough, KentSamian ware
CundacusEast Farleigh, Kent3rd centuryLead sheet
CunoaritusEast Farleigh, Kent3rd centuryLead sheet
CurmissusCounty Londonderry / KentSilver ingot
DivixtusOspringe, KentCoarse pottery
DubnovellaunosEssex / KentMid to late first century BCCoin
LucianusOspringe, KentStamp PA[TII]RIXXSamian ware
LuciusOspringe, KentStamp PA[TII]RIXXSamian ware
Luc[…]Boughton, KentSamian ware
MettiOspringe, KentCoarse pottery
SenecaRichborough, KentBrick
SennaSpringhead, KentSamian ware
SenunaPreston, KentStamp PRIS[CI]ANI probably late AntonineSamian ware
SintorixRichborough, KentSamian ware
Vlata(v)usCanterbury, KentSamian ware
Vose[Kent?Late first century BC to early first century ADCoin

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