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AlatuccaNewport, Isle of WightCoarse pottery
AmbSlonk Hill, East SussexCoarse pottery
AmminusKent?Late first century BC to early first century ADCoin
AteciuThruxton, Hampshire?AD 43–60Copper-alloy brooch
AucissaAll Cannings, Wiltshire?AD 43–60Brooch
BeliatusWanborough, WiltshireFourth century contextMortarium
BirginusSilchester, HampshireTegula
BlateroCanterbury, KentStamp PASSEN dated c. AD 60–80Samian ware
BodeniThruxton, HampshireVilla associated with coins c. AD 250–350Mosaic
BriginusChichester / LondonGlass vessel
ButuEccles Villa, KentLate-Roman cursive, probably fourth centuryLead sheet
CamulogeniHastings, East SussexSilver vessel
Caraticu[s]Richborough, KentSamian ware
Carviliusc. 54 BC
Cata[…]Fishbourne, West SussexWooden comb
CatuarusFishbourne, West SussexFirst century contextGold ring
Cingetorixc. 54 BC
Cogidumnusfirst century AD
CommiosMid to late first century BCCoin
CoroticaWest Kington, WiltshireVSLMLimestone altar
Crab?Mid to late first century BCCoin
CundacusEast Farleigh, Kent3rd centuryLead sheet
Cuni[…]Winchester, HampshireLate third or fourth-century contextCoarse pottery
CunoaritusEast Farleigh, Kent3rd centuryLead sheet
Cun[…]Bower Chalke, WiltshireCoarse pottery
CurmissusCounty Londonderry / KentSilver ingot
D(o)cillinaSilchester, HampshireFourth century AD (based on lettering)Lead tablet
DivixtusOspringe, KentCoarse pottery
DubnovellaunosEssex / KentMid to late first century BCCoin
Dubnovellaunus30–25 BC
EppilusMid to late first century BCCoin
IutiWest Kington, WiltshireVSLMLimestone altar
LovernianusAppleford, BerkshirePewter vessel
LucianusOspringe, KentStamp PA[TII]RIXXSamian ware
LucileStaines, SurreySamian ware
LuciusOspringe, KentStamp PA[TII]RIXXSamian ware
Luc[…]Boughton, KentSamian ware
Lugotorixc. 54 BC
MatugenaNeatham, HampshireContext late third centuryCoarse pottery
MettiOspringe, KentCoarse pottery
MuconiusHamble estuary, HampshireFourth century cursiveLead sheet
Narina ?Appleford, BerkshirePewter vessel
PertacusSilchester, HampshireCursive probably pre c. 150Tile
Segovaxc. 54 BC
SenecaRichborough, KentBrick
Seni<s>lisFarley Heath, SurreyORC c. AD 150–275Lead strip
SenicianusSilchester, HampshireFourth centuryFinger-ring
SennaSpringhead, KentSamian ware
SenniFarley Heath, SurreyORC c. AD 150–275Lead strip
SenunaPreston, KentStamp PRIS[CI]ANI probably late AntonineSamian ware
SintorixRichborough, KentSamian ware
SualinosSilchester, HampshireStave of a wooden barrel
TammWanborough, WiltshireCoarse pottery
Taximagulusc. 54 BC
Tincommiusc. 30 BC–AD 10
Tincommius / TincomarusMid first century BC to early first century ADCoin
[To]gidubnusChichester, West Sussex1st ADMarble slab
VerctissaSilchester, HampshireWooden barrel
VericaEarly first century ADCoin
Vericac. AD 42
Vlata(v)usCanterbury, KentSamian ware
Vose[Kent?Late first century BC to early first century ADCoin

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