Versions of Sanas Cormaic, with Loman. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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B (main text)H¹aH¹bKLLaMYLoman
B.51 Arathar [H¹a] H1b.46 arathar K.46 arathar [L] [La] M.45 Arathar Y.46 Arathar [Loman]
B.52 Ana H1a.26 ána H1b.48 ana K.48 ana [L] [La] M.46 ana Y.48 Ana [Loman]
B.53 Athgabail H1a.28 athgabáil H1b.50 athgabail K.50 athgabail [L] [La] M.47 Athgabhail Y.50 Athgabail [Loman]
B.54 Aithech H1a.29 aithech H1b.51 aithech K.51 aithech [L] [La] M.48 Athlach Y.51 Aithech [Loman]
B.55 Aithches H1a.30 aithches H1b.52 aithches K.52 aithces [L] [La] M.49 Aithches Y.52 Aithches [Loman]
B.56 Aunasc H1a.32 ónasc H1b.54 aunasc K.54 aunasc [L] [La] M.51 Aunosg Y.54 Aunasc [Loman]
B.57 Aighean H1a.33 aigen H1b.55 aigen K.55 aighen [L] [La] M.52 Aighean Y.55 Aigen [Loman]
B.58 Aitteand H1a.34 aittenn H1b.56 aitend K.56 aitend [L] [La] M.53 Aiteand Y.56 Aitend [Loman]
B.59 Aurduine H1a.35 airdúine H1b.57 aurduine K.57 aurduine [L] [La] M.54 Aurdune Y.57 Aurdúine [Loman]
B.60 Airber H1a.36 airber H1b.58 airber K.58 airber [L] [La] M.55 Airbhir Y.58 Airber [Loman]
B.61 Aine [H¹a] H1b.60 Ane K.60 Ane [L] [La] M.57 Aine Y.60 Ane [Loman]
B.62 Abarta [H¹a] H1b.61 abbartan K.61 abbartu [L] [La] M.58 apartu Y.61 Abbartu [Loman]
B.63 Ailges H1a.38 áilgeas H1b.62 ailgess K.62 ailges [L] [La] M.59 Ailges Y.62 Ailgess [Loman]
B.64 Athaubhæ H1a.39 athabæ H1b.63 athabæ K.63 athabæ [L] [La] M.60 Athaba Y.63 Athabæ [Loman]
B.65 Aimind H1a.40 aimend H1b.64 aiminn K.64 aimind [L] [La] M.61 Amind Y.64 Aiminn [Loman]
B.66 Airchindech H1a.41 aircindec H1b.65 airchinnech K.65 aircinech [L] [La] M.62 Aircindeach Y.65 Airchinnech [Loman]
B.67 Ambuæ H1a.42 ambue H1b.66 ambue K.66 ambue [L] [La] M.63 Ambue Y.66 Ambue [Loman]
B.68 Adae H1a.43 adæ H1b.67 adæ K.67 adhæ [L] [La] M.64 Adhæ Y.67 Adæ [Loman]
B.69 Allan H1a.44 altan H1b.68 altan K.68 altan [L] [La] [M] Y.68 Altan [Loman]
B.70 Adand H1a.45 adand H1b.69 adann K.69 adhand [L] [La] M.65 Adam Y.69 Adann [Loman]
B.71 A H1a.46 a H1b.70 a K.70 a [L] [La] M.66 A Y.70 A [Loman]
B.72 Aitire H1a.47 aiteri H1b.71 aitire K.71 aitire [L] [La] M.67 Aiteire Y.71 Aitire [Loman]
B.73 Aingel [H¹a] [H¹b] K.72 aingel [L] [La] M.75 Aingel Y.72 Aingel [Loman]
B.74 Aigrere H1a.49 aigrere H1b.73 aigrere K.73 aigrere [L] [La] M.68 Aigrire Y.73 Aigrere [Loman]
B.75 Aighne H1a.50 aigni H1b.74 aigne K.74 aigne [L] [La] M.69 aigne Y.74 Aigne [Loman]
B.76 Airndel H1a.51 airneal H1b.75 airndel K.75 airndel [L] [La] [M] Y.75 Airndel [Loman]
B.77 Aithinne H1a.52 aitinde H1b.76 aithenne K.76 aithenne [L] [La] M.70 Aitindhe Y.76 Aithenne [Loman]
B.78 Apstal H1a.53 apstul H1b.77 apstol K.77 apstol [L] [La] M.71 Apstal Y.77 Apstol [Loman]
B.79 Ainder H1a.55 ainder H1b.79 ander K.79 ander [L] [La] M.72 aner Y.79 Ander [Loman]
B.80 Anidan H1a.54 ainidhan H1b.78 anidan K.78 anidhan [L] [La] M.73 Amden Y.78 Anidan [Loman]
B.81 Adba othnoe H1a.56 adba othna H1b.80 adbae othna K.80 adbæ othne [L] [La] M.74 Adhbha Y.80 Adbae othna [Loman]
B.82 Aigillne H1a.57 aiggille H1b.81 aiggillne K.81 aigccillene [L] [La] M.76 Aggilne Y.81 Aiggillne [Loman]
B.83 Bendacht H1a.81 bendacht H1b.105 bendacht K.106 bendacht [L] [La] M.77 Beandacht Y.103 Bendacht [Loman]
B.84 Buanand H1a.82 Buanand H1b.106 Buanand K.107 Buanand [L] [La] M.78 buanand Y.104 Búanand [Loman]
B.85 Bran H1a.135 bran H1b.179 bran K.180 bran [L] [La] M.79 bran YAdd.177 YAddBran [Loman]
B.86 Beist [H¹a] H1b.108 beist K.109 beisd [L] [La] M.80 Beist Y.106 Beist [Loman]
B.87 Bárc [H¹a] H1b.110 barcc K.111 barcc [L] [La] [M] Y.108 Barcc [Loman]
B.88 Bés [H¹a] H1b.109 bes K.110 bes [L] [La] M.81 Bes Y.107 Bés [Loman]
B.89 Breth [H¹a] H1b.111 breth K.112 breth [L] [La] M.82 breath Y.109 Breth [Loman]
B.90 Brath H1a.118 brath H1b.162 brath K.163 bráth [L] [La] M.111 Breathachai YAdd.160 YAddBrath [Loman]
B.91 Brathair [H¹a] H1b.113 brathair K.114 brathair [L] [La] M.84 brathair Y.111 Brathair [Loman]
B.92 Bachall [H¹a] H1b.114 bachal K.115 bachal [L] [La] M.85 bacall Y.112 Bachal [Loman]
B.93 Bádudh [H¹a] H1b.115 badud K.116 badud [L] [La] M.86 badhudh Y.113 Badud [Loman]
B.94 Baten [H¹a] H1b.116 baten K.117 bathen [L] [La] M.87 Baiten Y.114 Baten [Loman]
B.95 Baircne H1a.84 baircne H1b.117 barcne K.118 barcne [L] [La] M.88 Baircne Y.115 Barcne [Loman]
B.96 Babluan H1a.85 Bablúan H1b.118 Babluan K.119 Bauluan [L] [La] M.89 babluan Y.116 Baulúan [Loman]
B.97 Babloir H1a.86 Bablóir H1b.119 Babloir K.120 Babhloir [L] [La] M.90 Bablor Y.117 Bablóir [Loman]
B.98 Bab H1a.87 bab H1b.120 babb K.121 babb [L] [La] M.91 Baobb Y.118 Babb [Loman]
B.99 Brossnai H1a.88 brosna H1b.121 brosna K.122 brosna [L] [La] M.92 Brosna Y.119 Brosna [Loman]
B.100 Boll H1a.89 bull H1b.122 boll K.123 boll [L] [La] M.93 boll Y.120 Boll [Loman]
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