Early Irish Glossaries Database


Beta version: Proofing of manuscript transcriptions is still in progress.

You can download TEI-encoded XML files for each glossary version below (see Abbreviations page for details). All files < 200 KB. Longest versions marked in bold.

Any use of the text should be appropriately acknowledged.

Sanas Cormaic (longer version) Y H1a H1b K
Sanas Cormaic (shorter version) B L La M
Dúil Dromma Cetta D⁴
O’Mulconry’s Glossary OM¹ OM² OM³ OM⁴
Loman/Irsan Loman Irsan

Also available:

A copy of these files will also, in due course, be deposited with the University of Cambridge’s institutional repository, DSpace@Cambridge.

Several of the older editions (see Bibliography) are available to download from archive.org.