Versions of O'Mulconry’s Glossary, with Irsan. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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OM¹ (main text)OM²OM³OM⁴Irsan
OM1.545 §1Fis OM2.96 Fios [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.134 §1Fis
OM1.546 §1Fit OM2.97 Fit [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.115 §2Fet
OM1.547 §1Fo OM2.98-9 Fo [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.131 §1Fo
OM1.549 §1Fob OM2.100 Fob [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.550 §1Fofand [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.551 §1Fuche OM2.101 Fuice [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.552 §1Focul [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.553 §1Foclán [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.554 §1Foi [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.555 §1Foid OM2.102 Foid [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.556 §1Fol OM2.103 Fol [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.557 §1Focras OM2.104 Fochrus [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.141 §2Fochrus
OM1.558 §1Foogomor OM2.105 Fogmur [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.559 §1Fogen [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.560 §1Fo chen [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.561 §1Fod [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.562 §1Foda [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.563 §1Fodail [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.564 §1Fodaite [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.565 §1Fodlae [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.140 §2Fodla
OM1.566 §1Fodba [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.139 §2Fodb
OM1.567 §1Folt [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.569 §1Folag OM2.106 Folach [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.570 §1Folacht OM2.107 Folacht [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.137 §2Folacht
OM1.571 §1Folam OM2.108 Folamh [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.136 §2Folam
OM1.572 §1Fond OM2.110 Fond [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.573 §1Forbbæ OM2.111 Forba [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.574 §1Forbairt OM2.112 Forbairt [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.575 §1Foribthe OM2.113 Foirbthe [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.576 §1Forcetal OM2.114 Foircetal [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.577 §1Forrag OM2.115 Forach [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.578 §1Forus OM2.116 Forus [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.579 §1Forsaid OM2.117 Farsaid [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.580 §1Forgab OM2.118 Forgab [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.581 §1Forbag OM2.119 Forbach [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.582 §1Foirg séig OM2.120 Foirg sioch [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.583 §1Forbartach OM2.121 Forbartach [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.584 §1Forcell OM2.122 forgort [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.585 §1Forgu OM2.123 Forcu [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.586 §1Fossad OM2.124 Fosuidh [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.587 §1Fod [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.588 §1Fuigell OM2.125 Fuigell [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.589 §1Fuider OM2.126 Fuidir [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.590 §1Fodia OM2.127 Foidie [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.591 §1Fuil OM2.128 Cuil [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.592 §1Fulus OM2.128a Fulus [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.593 §2Fricell [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.90 §2Fricell
OM1.594 §2Frecomus [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.91 §2Frecomus
OM1.595 §2Fithrach [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.92 §2Fithrech
OM1.596 §2Fethal [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.93 §2Fetal
880 entries. Page of 18.
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