Versions of O'Mulconry’s Glossary, with Irsan. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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OM¹ (main text)OM²OM³OM⁴Irsan
OM1.746 §1IRdairc [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.747 §1Inill [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.748 §1INnuraith [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.749 §1Imbaroch [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.750 §1Inmain [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.751 §2IS dometu [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.752 §2IS fen [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.753 §2Is cend [OM²] OM3.221 Cend [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.754 §2Is blicht [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.754a §2Is donaite [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.755 §2Is blatac [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.756 §2Is danautat [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.757 §2IS cutal [OM²] OM3.261 Cutal [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.758 §2IS tochrus [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.759 §2IS leim [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.170 §1Leim
OM1.760 §2IS cend [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.761 §2IS claideb [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.762 §2IS molthud [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.763 §2IS daleic [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.764 §2IS luamoin [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.765 §2Is brodscuad [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.766 §2Itharnae [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.767 §2Iust [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.768 §2INgir [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.769 §2INngas [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.770 §2INnles [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.771 §2Iathlu [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.772 §2Israhel [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.773 §1Labrad ⁊ labræ [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.774 §1Læb [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.775 §1Lace ⁊ ladg [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.776 §1Laach [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.166 §1Lacha
OM1.777 §1Læch [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.778 §1Ladan [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.779 §1Lagin [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.171 §2Laigin
OM1.780 §1Lorc [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.781 §1Lagin [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.171 §2Laigin
OM1.782 §1Lilsa [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.783 §1Lossat [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.167 §1Losad
OM1.784 §1Len [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.785 §1Leos [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.786 §1Larcc [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.787 §1Luar [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.788 §1Luiss [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.789 §1Lang [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.790 §1Locfiach [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.791 §1Lu [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.792 §1Lu [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.793 §1Lerg [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM1.794 §1Laogon [OM²] [OM³] [OM⁴] Irsan.171 §2Laigin
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