Versions of O'Mulconry’s Glossary, with Irsan. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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OM³ (main text)OM¹OM²OM⁴Irsan
OM3.251 Cotut OM1.247 §1Cotut [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.252 Coairt OM1.248 §1Coairt [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.253 Cuad OM1.249 §1Cuad [OM²] [OM⁴] Irsan.55 §1Cuad
OM3.254 Cuthar OM1.250 §1Cuthar [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.255 Currech OM1.251 §1Currech [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.256 Coseus OM1.252 §1Coseus [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.257 Cuæ OM1.253 §1Cuæ [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.258 Cule OM1.254 §1Cule [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.259 Cul OM1.255 §1Cul [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.260 Cluain OM1.256 §1Cluain [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.261 Cutal OM1.757 §2IS cutal [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.262 Cuit OM1.258 §1Cuit [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.263 Cumræ OM1.259 §1Cumræ [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.264 Culend OM1.260 §1Culend [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.265 Coirm OM1.261 §1Coirm [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.266 Cumtag OM1.262 §1Cumtag [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.267 Cus OM1.263 §1Cus ferna [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.268 Cuifre OM1.264 §1Cuifre [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.269 acht OM1.265 §2Cacht [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
OM3.270 Carrac OM1.266 §2Carrac [OM²] [OM⁴] [Irsan]
270 entries. Page of 6.
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