Versions of Sanas Cormaic, with Loman. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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H¹b (main text)BH¹aKLLaMYLoman
H1b.1301 Sethor [B] H1a.1209 Sethor K.1274 Sethor [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1196 YAddSethar [Loman]
H1b.1302 usarb B.689 Ussarb H1a.1243 ussarb K.1308 usarb L.12 Ussarb [La] [M] YAdd.1300 YAddUssarb [Loman]
H1b.1303 udmad B.690 Udmat H1a.1211 udmad K.1276 udmad L.13 Udmad [La] [M] Y.1268 Udmad [Loman]
H1b.1304 udim B.691 Uidím H1a.1212 udim K.1277 udhim L.14 Udim [La] [M] Y.1269 Udim [Loman]
H1b.1305 ur [B] H1a.1230 urgbail [K] [L] [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
H1b.1306 uch B.693 Uch H1a.1214 uch K.1279 uch L.16 Uch [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
H1b.1307 uball B.694 Uball H1a.1215 uball K.1280 uball L.17 Ubull [La] [M] Y.1272 Uball [Loman]
H1b.1308 uim B.695 Uim H1a.1216 uim K.1281 uim L.18 Uimm [La] [M] Y.1273 Uim [Loman]
H1b.1309 uinci etha B.696 Uinchi H1a.1217 uince n-eatha K.1282 uinchi etha L.19 Uinci etha [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
H1b.1310 ucht n-osnæ B.697 Ucht nosnæ H1a.1218 ucht n-osnae K.1283 ucht n-osnæ L.20 Ucht osnae [La] [M] Y.1275 Ucht n-osnae [Loman]
H1b.1311 uasal [B] H1a.1219 uasal K.1284 uassal [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1276 YAddUassal Loman.212 Uasal
H1b.1312 ua [B] H1a.1220 ua K.1285 ua [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1277 YAddUa Loman.213 Ua
H1b.1313 uath [B] H1a.1221 uath K.1286 uath [L] [La] [M] [Y] Loman.214 Uath
H1b.1314 uatna [B] H1a.1222 uaitne K.1287 uaitne [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1279 YAddUatne Loman.215 Uaitne
H1b.1315 uall [B] H1a.1223 uall K.1288 uaill [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1280 YAddUall Loman.216 Uall
H1b.1316 uair [B] H1a.1224 uair K.1289 uair [L] [La] [M] [Y] Loman.217 Uair
H1b.1317 uillind [B] H1a.1225 uillend K.1290 uillind [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1282 YAddUillind Loman.218 Uillenn
H1b.1318 uth [B] H1a.1226 uth K.1291 uth [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1283 YAddUth Loman.219 Uth
H1b.1319 ulchai [B] H1a.1227 ulcai K.1292 ulchai [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1284 YAddUlchai Loman.220 Ulchæ
H1b.1320 ulad [B] H1a.1228 ulad K.1293 uladh [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1285 YAddUlad Loman.221 Ulu
H1b.1321 Usqa ł ca [B] H1a.1229 usca K.1294 usqa [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1286 YAddUsqa Loman.222 Usca
H1b.1322 urgal [B] H1a.1230 urgbail [K] [L] [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
H1b.1323 unach [B] H1a.1231 unach K.1296 unach [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1288 YAddUnach Loman.224 Unach
H1b.1324 urnaigte [B] H1a.1232 urnaigti K.1297 urnaighthe [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1289 YAddUrnaigthe Loman.225 Urnaigti
H1b.1325 uaran [B] H1a.1233 uaran K.1298 uaran [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1290 YAddUaran Loman.226 Uaran
H1b.1326 urla [B] H1a.1234 urla K.1299 urla [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1291 YAddUrla Loman.227 Urla
H1b.1327 unga [B] H1a.1235 unga K.1300 unga [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1292 YAddUnga Loman.228 Unga
H1b.1328 ugtar [B] H1a.1236 ugtar K.1301 ugtar [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1293 YAddUgtar Loman.229 Ugdar
H1b.1329 ustoing [B] H1a.1237 ustoing K.1302 ustaing [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1294 YAddUstaing Loman.230 Ustaing
H1b.1330 ucca [B] H1a.1238 ucca K.1303 ucca [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1295 YAddUcca Loman.231 Ugga
H1b.1331 udbairt [B] H1a.1239 udbairt K.1304 udbairt [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1296 YAddUdbairt Loman.232 Udbairt
H1b.1332 umal [B] H1a.1240 umal K.1305 umhal [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1297 YAddUmal Loman.233 Umal
H1b.1333 uma [B] H1a.1241 uma K.1306 uma [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1298 YAddUma Loman.234 Umæ
H1b.1334 umdaim [B] H1a.1242 umdaim K.1307 umdaimh [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1299 YAddUmdaim Loman.235 Umdaim
H1b.1335 usarb B.689 Ussarb H1a.1243 ussarb K.1308 usarb L.12 Ussarb [La] [M] YAdd.1300 YAddUssarb [Loman]
H1b.1336 uibne [B] H1a.1244 uibne K.1309 Uibne [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1301 YAddUibne [Loman]
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