Versions of Sanas Cormaic, with Loman. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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H¹b (main text)BH¹aKLLaMYLoman
H1b.1251 tipra B.671 Tipra H1a.1159 tipra K.1224 tipra [L] La.219 Tipra M.653 Tibra Y.1217 Tipra [Loman]
H1b.1252 torb B.670 Torb H1a.1160 torb K.1225 torb [L] [La] [M] Y.1218 Torb [Loman]
H1b.1253 toth B.672 Toth H1a.1161 toth K.1226 toth [L] [La] [M] Y.1219 Toth [Loman]
H1b.1254 troeth B.673 Traæth H1a.1162 traoth K.1227 traoth [L] La.220 Troech M.654 Træth Y.1220 Troeth [Loman]
H1b.1255 tuilm B.674 Tuilm H1a.1163 tuilm K.1228 tuilm [L] [La] [M] Y.1221 Tuilm [Loman]
H1b.1256 Tar [B] H1a.1204 tairr K.1269 tarr [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1262 YAddTairr [Loman]
H1b.1257 tuirigin B.677 Tuirgin H1a.1166 tuirigin K.1231 tuirighin [L] La.222 Tuirigein M.656 Tuirgein Y.1224 Tuirigin [Loman]
H1b.1258 tuirigin B.677 Tuirgin H1a.1166 tuirigin K.1231 tuirighin [L] La.222 Tuirigein M.656 Tuirgein Y.1224 Tuirigin [Loman]
H1b.1259 teist B.678 Teist H1a.1167 test K.1232 teistt L.2 Teist [La] [M] Y.1225 Teistt [Loman]
H1b.1260 turud B.679 Tuarad H1a.1168 turud K.1233 turud L.3 Taurad [La] [M] Y.1226 Turud [Loman]
H1b.1261 torc B.680 Torc H1a.1169 torc K.1234 torc L.4 Torc [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
H1b.1262 trefocal B.681 Treḟocal H1a.1170 trefhocul K.1235 trefocal L.5 Trefoclae [La] [M] Y.1228 Trefocul [Loman]
H1b.1263 turthait B.682 Taurthait H1a.1171 turtait [K] L.6 Taurthait [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
H1b.1264 tigradhus B.684 Tígba H1a.1172 tigradus K.1237 tigradus L.7 Tigrathas [La] [M] Y.1230 Tigradus [Loman]
H1b.1265 tuigen B.685 Tugen H1a.1173 tugen K.1238 tuigen L.8 Tugen [La] [M] Y.1231 Tuigen [Loman]
H1b.1266 tap B.686 Top H1a.1174 tap K.1239 tap L.9 Tap [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
H1b.1267 Tamlachta B.687 Tamhlachta H1a.1175 Tamlachta K.1240 Tamlachta L.10 Tamlachta [La] [M] Y.1233 Tamlachta [Loman]
H1b.1268 tendal B.688 Tendál H1a.1176 tenddal K.1241 tendal L.11 Tendál [La] [M] Y.1234 Tendal [Loman]
H1b.1269 traig [B] H1a.1177 traig K.1242 traig [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1235 YAddTraig Loman.178 Traig
H1b.1270 truid [B] H1a.1178 truid K.1243 truid [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1236 YAddTruid Loman.179 Truit
H1b.1271 tru [B] H1a.1179 tru K.1244 tru [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1237 YAddTru Loman.180 Tru
H1b.1272 truag [B] H1a.1180 traagh{?} K.1245 truagh [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1238 YAddTruagh Loman.181 Truag
H1b.1273 torsi [B] H1a.1181 torsi K.1246 torsi [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1239 YAddTorsi Loman.182 Torsi
H1b.1274 truail [B] H1a.1182 truail K.1247 truaill [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1240 YAddTruail Loman.183 Truaill
H1b.1275 tellair [B] H1a.1183 tellair K.1248 tellair [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1241 YAddTellair Loman.184 Tell
H1b.1276 tarathar [B] H1a.1184 tarathar K.1249 tarathar [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1242 YAddTarathar Loman.185 Tarathar
H1b.1277 tond [B] H1a.1185 tond K.1250 tonn [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1243 YAddTonn Loman.186 Tonn
H1b.1278 turesc [B] H1a.1186 turesc K.1251 turesc [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1244 YAddTuresc Loman.187 Tairesc
H1b.1279 tulach [B] H1a.1187 tulach K.1252 tulach [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1245 YAddTulach Loman.188 Tulach
H1b.1280 tairsech [B] H1a.1188 tairisech K.1253 tairsech [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1246 YAddTairsech Loman.189 Tairseach
H1b.1281 tenga [B] H1a.1189 tenga K.1254 tenga [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1247 YAddTenga Loman.190 Tenga
H1b.1282 troid [B] H1a.1190 troid K.1255 troid [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1248 YAddTroid Loman.191 Troid
H1b.1283 traill [B] H1a.1191 traill K.1256 traill [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1249 YAddTraill Loman.192 Traill
H1b.1284 taccad [B] H1a.1192 taccad K.1257 taccadh [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1250 YAddTaccad Loman.193 Tocad
H1b.1285 tir [B] H1a.1193 tir K.1258 tir [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1251 YAddTir Loman.194 Tir
H1b.1286 tuinti [B] H1a.1194 tuinti K.1259 tuinti [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1252 YAddTunti lin Loman.195 Tuindti
H1b.1287 traigli [B] H1a.1195 traigli K.1260 traighli [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1253 YAddTraigli Loman.196 Traigle
H1b.1288 tast [B] H1a.1196 tast K.1261 tast [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1254 YAddTast Loman.197 Tast
H1b.1289 tiag [B] H1a.1208 tiag K.1273 tiag [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1266 YAddTiag Loman.198 Tiag
H1b.1290 ton [B] H1a.1198 ton K.1263 ton [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1256 YAddTon Loman.199 Tonn
H1b.1291 tarrach [B] H1a.1199 tarrach K.1264 tarrach [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1257 YAddTarrach Loman.200 Tarrach
H1b.1292 timpan [B] H1a.1200 timpan K.1265 timpan [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1258 YAddTimpan Loman.201 Timpan
H1b.1293 tagra [B] H1a.1201 tagra K.1266 tagra [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1259 YAddTagra Loman.202 Tagra
H1b.1294 tustall [B] H1a.1202 tustall K.1267 tustall [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1260 YAddTustall Loman.203 Tastall
H1b.1295 termond [B] H1a.1203 termond K.1268 terman [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1261 YAddTermondd Loman.204 Termonn
H1b.1296 tairr [B] H1a.1204 tairr K.1269 tarr [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1262 YAddTairr [Loman]
H1b.1297 tar [B] H1a.1205 tar K.1270 tar [L] [La] [M] [Y] [Loman]
H1b.1298 torrach [B] H1a.1206 torrach K.1271 torrach [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1264 YAddTorrach [Loman]
H1b.1299 Trefod [B] H1a.1207 Trefod K.1272 Trefot [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1265 YAddTrefot [Loman]
H1b.1300 tiag [B] H1a.1208 tiag K.1273 tiag [L] [La] [M] YAdd.1266 YAddTiag Loman.198 Tiag
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