Versions of Sanas Cormaic, with Loman. Note that headwords only are currently available for transcriptions H¹a, H¹b, K: see Y (closely related) for text in those cases.
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Y (main text)BH¹aH¹bKLLaMLoman
Y.51 Aithech B.54 Aithech H1a.29 aithech H1b.51 aithech K.51 aithech [L] [La] M.48 Athlach [Loman]
Y.52 Aithches B.55 Aithches H1a.30 aithches H1b.52 aithches K.52 aithces [L] [La] M.49 Aithches [Loman]
Y.53 Ao [B] H1a.31 ó H1b.1058 o K.1032 ó [L] [La] M.50 Ao Loman.98 O
Y.54 Aunasc B.56 Aunasc H1a.32 ónasc H1b.54 aunasc K.54 aunasc [L] [La] M.51 Aunosg [Loman]
Y.55 Aigen B.57 Aighean H1a.33 aigen H1b.55 aigen K.55 aighen [L] [La] M.52 Aighean [Loman]
Y.56 Aitend B.58 Aitteand H1a.34 aittenn H1b.56 aitend K.56 aitend [L] [La] M.53 Aiteand [Loman]
Y.57 Aurdúine B.59 Aurduine H1a.35 airdúine H1b.57 aurduine K.57 aurduine [L] [La] M.54 Aurdune [Loman]
Y.58 Airber B.60 Airber H1a.36 airber H1b.58 airber K.58 airber [L] [La] M.55 Airbhir [Loman]
Y.59 Air- [B] H1a.37 air H1b.59 air K.59 air [L] [La] M.56 Air [Loman]
Y.60 Ane B.61 Aine [H¹a] H1b.60 Ane K.60 Ane [L] [La] M.57 Aine [Loman]
Y.61 Abbartu B.62 Abarta [H¹a] H1b.61 abbartan K.61 abbartu [L] [La] M.58 apartu [Loman]
Y.62 Ailgess B.63 Ailges H1a.38 áilgeas H1b.62 ailgess K.62 ailges [L] [La] M.59 Ailges [Loman]
Y.63 Athabæ B.64 Athaubhæ H1a.39 athabæ H1b.63 athabæ K.63 athabæ [L] [La] M.60 Athaba [Loman]
Y.64 Aiminn B.65 Aimind H1a.40 aimend H1b.64 aiminn K.64 aimind [L] [La] M.61 Amind [Loman]
Y.65 Airchinnech B.66 Airchindech H1a.41 aircindec H1b.65 airchinnech K.65 aircinech [L] [La] M.62 Aircindeach [Loman]
Y.66 Ambue B.67 Ambuæ H1a.42 ambue H1b.66 ambue K.66 ambue [L] [La] M.63 Ambue [Loman]
Y.67 Adæ B.68 Adae H1a.43 adæ H1b.67 adæ K.67 adhæ [L] [La] M.64 Adhæ [Loman]
Y.68 Altan B.69 Allan H1a.44 altan H1b.68 altan K.68 altan [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
Y.69 Adann B.70 Adand H1a.45 adand H1b.69 adann K.69 adhand [L] [La] M.65 Adam [Loman]
Y.70 A B.71 A H1a.46 a H1b.70 a K.70 a [L] [La] M.66 A [Loman]
Y.71 Aitire B.72 Aitire H1a.47 aiteri H1b.71 aitire K.71 aitire [L] [La] M.67 Aiteire [Loman]
Y.72 Aingel B.73 Aingel [H¹a] [H¹b] K.72 aingel [L] [La] M.75 Aingel [Loman]
Y.73 Aigrere B.74 Aigrere H1a.49 aigrere H1b.73 aigrere K.73 aigrere [L] [La] M.68 Aigrire [Loman]
Y.74 Aigne B.75 Aighne H1a.50 aigni H1b.74 aigne K.74 aigne [L] [La] M.69 aigne [Loman]
Y.75 Airndel B.76 Airndel H1a.51 airneal H1b.75 airndel K.75 airndel [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
Y.76 Aithenne B.77 Aithinne H1a.52 aitinde H1b.76 aithenne K.76 aithenne [L] [La] M.70 Aitindhe [Loman]
Y.77 Apstol B.78 Apstal H1a.53 apstul H1b.77 apstol K.77 apstol [L] [La] M.71 Apstal [Loman]
Y.78 Anidan B.80 Anidan H1a.54 ainidhan H1b.78 anidan K.78 anidhan [L] [La] M.73 Amden [Loman]
Y.79 Ander B.79 Ainder H1a.55 ainder H1b.79 ander K.79 ander [L] [La] M.72 aner [Loman]
Y.80 Adbae othna B.81 Adba othnoe H1a.56 adba othna H1b.80 adbae othna K.80 adbæ othne [L] [La] M.74 Adhbha [Loman]
Y.81 Aiggillne B.82 Aigillne H1a.57 aiggille H1b.81 aiggillne K.81 aigccillene [L] [La] M.76 Aggilne [Loman]
YAdd.82 YAddAislinge [B] H1a.58 aislinge H1b.82 aislinge K.82 aislinge [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.83 YAddAbac [B] H1a.59 abuc H1b.83 abac K.83 abac [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.84 YAddAicde [B] H1a.60 aicde H1b.84 aicde K.84 aiccde [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.85 YAddAlchung [B] H1a.73 alceng H1b.97 alcheng K.97 alceng [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.86 YAddAllud [B] H1a.62 allud H1b.86 allud K.86 alludh [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.87 YAddAlad [B] H1a.63 alad H1b.87 alad K.87 aladh [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.88 YAddAiccicht [B] H1a.64 aiciocht H1b.88 aiccicht K.88 aiccicht [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.89 YAddAinces [B] H1a.65 ainces H1b.89 ainces K.89 ainces [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.90 YAddAbras [B] H1a.66 abras H1b.90 abras K.90 abras [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.91 YAddAnnach [B] H1a.67 andach H1b.91 annach K.91 andach [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.92 YAddAmor [B] H1a.68 amor H1b.92 amor K.92 amor [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.93 YAddAdhnacal [B] H1a.69 adnacul H1b.93 adhnacal [K] [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.94 YAddAball [B] H1a.70 aball H1b.94 aball K.94 aball [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.95 YAddAch [B] H1a.71 ach H1b.95 ach K.95 ach [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.96 YAddAc [B] H1a.72 ac H1b.96 ac K.96 ac [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.97 YAddAlcheng [B] H1a.73 alceng H1b.97 alcheng K.97 alceng [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.98 YAddAithrinne [B] H1a.74 aithrinne H1b.98 aithrinne K.98 aithrinne [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.99 YAddAdna [B] H1a.75 adna H1b.99 adna K.99 adhna [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
YAdd.100 YAddAuchaide [B] H1a.76 auchaide H1b.100 auchaidhe K.100 auchaide [L] [La] [M] [Loman]
1300 entries. Page of 26.
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