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Sanas Cormaic (longer version)
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Dúil Dromma Cetta
O’Mulconry’s Glossary

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TextVersion/RefReadingMS ref
Sanas CormaicH1a.198 caman [...] p. 18a
Sanas CormaicK.244 caman [...] p. 7b


TextVersion/RefReadingMS ref
Dúil Dromma CettaD1.229 Crocinn .i. croc-finn .i. finna gerr .i. finna in samgemen in sin qui contrarie dicitur gaimin i gaim-finn .i. isia a finna-side quod hieme occidetur; ainm coitcenn doibh siche .i. sicc e quod fit in pariete. p. 67c

gall 1a

TextVersion/RefReadingMS ref
Sanas CormaicM.395 Gall .i. coirthe cuiche ut est niscomaithig comatar selba co brandaib gall. Gall cetharda fordingair .i. gall cluiche cetumus ut prediximus. is aire asberar gall de suidiu air it gaill cet rosuidistar in here. 7 gaill fraincc. gaill dano nomen do særclannaib francc. tres gaillie 7 ex candore corporis rohainmniged doib. gall enim grece lac latine dicitur unde gailli .i. ind astai. sic danogall is nomen do elu. inde fer mumæn dicitur. cohuill choss ngall gaimin bran gall dano nomen do cailęch dindi as gallus 7 is a gailia capitis nominatus est fol. 180va
Sanas CormaicY.683 Gall i.e. corthe cloiche, ut est nis comathaig comathar selba co cobrannaib gall. gall cetharda fordingair .i. gall cluichi cetimus, ut prediximus. is aire asberar gall de suidiu, fobith is Gaill ceta-rosaithset ł rosuidigset i nEre. Gaill .i. Frainc. Gaill dano ainm do sainclandaib no do særclandaib Franc .i. tres Gallie, ⁊ is candoire corporis rohainmniged doib. gall enim greco, lac latine dicitur, inde Galliae .i. indastai. síc dono gall is ainm do ela. inde Fer Muman dixit cochall coss ngall, gaimin brain. gall dono ainm do chailiuch dindi is gallus, ⁊ is a galia capitis rohainmniged .i. a cathbarr a cind. col. 44

gamain 1

TextVersion/RefReadingMS ref
Sanas CormaicY.687 Gamain .i. in gaim iar samuin, unde dicitur gamnach .i. gam-sinech .i. arinni is mblicht i mmi gaim .i. i ngaimreth. col. 45

gamain 2

TextVersion/RefReadingMS ref
Sanas CormaicH1a.631 gamain [...] p. 26c
Sanas CormaicH1b.718 gamain [...] p. 90a
Sanas CormaicK.695 gamhain [...] p. 20a
Sanas CormaicM.399 Gamain .i. imi gaim iar samain unde gamnach arindi as mlucht imimgam mi gaimraith. fol. 180va
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