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O'Mulconry's Glossary, version OM⁴

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OM4.101 Aire .i. cora eisc, ut dixit aire eisc. p. 42bnaconcord.
OM4.102 Aidech .i. cumal no fiach slan da laimh raithe .i. aidech seis teora aidhecha ina bæs bán-apadh. p. 42bnaconcord.
OM4.103 Arfeith airidi no lesughad, ut dicitur, arfeith cend a memra. p. 42bnaconcord.
OM4.104 Andrentt .i. ainmin tire .i. ni tren fri clan est gach arba p. 42bnaconcord.
OM4.105 Anmain .i. anacul. p. 42bnaconcord.
OM4.106 Ammealc .i. ni imfulaing mescæ. p. 42bnaconcord.
OM4.107 Anfen .i. ingnad, ut est fri fail mil m(oir) ni fodma bronda anfen. p. 42bnaconcord.
OM4.108 Aiggen .i. cent, ut dicitur Bracan claon. sadhall for sid for droim eich. is mac Luighne nochan uil tucuis agen neich, is fodhbhech seta fo mil p. 42bnaconcord.
OM4.109 Aurserba serba .i. gad ł mugud. p. 42bnaconcord.
OM4.110 Ais .i. abann, ut dixit an file Mac Conaing cosnamh fris, ni ais tenidh na midhnais, cene sniges snechta fioinn. fidba for linn lata lais. p. 42bnaconcord.
OM4.111 Aran ebraice sublenis. p. 42bnaconcord.
OM4.112 Anna andon .ccco. cubi(t)us (.i. righ) latine. p. 42bnaconcord.
OM4.113 Ancella .i. ondi is anna is de isberar and chain duchain ar muime. p. 42bnaconcord.
OM4.114 Anna didiu arindi folongat na mna cach altram fora rigtib. p. 42bnaconcord.
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