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Loman.1 Lomhon .i. luamain bis fuirre; no lu .i. bec in manu. p. 76a622.13concord.
Loman.2 Leim .i. -eim .i. lúud séim é p. 76a622.14concord.
Loman.3 Lesg .i. leis a aisc, no quasi losg .i. bacach. p. 76a622.15concord.
Loman.4 Lenn .i. lée find .i. lóe find, ⁊ ainm do brut find. p. 76a622.16concord.
Loman.5 Loscuirn .i. la hos í, ar is os in buaball ara mbi; no la huais í. p. 76a622.17concord.
Loman.6 Lorg .i. lui-airg .i. laich hi; no lar-ric. p. 76a622.18concord.
Loman.7 Lurga .i. le urgabail in cuirp .i. a togbail. p. 76a622.19concord.
Loman.8 Lobar, quasi lebor, a lepra latine. p. 76a622.20concord.
Loman.9 Lepaid .i. faídh nech p. 76a622.21concord.
Loman.10 Lite .i. lot-te .i. lotan ar tige í ⁊ tess indti. p. 76a622.22concord.
Loman.11 Leco .i. le co .i. co cluais. p. 76a622.23aconcord.
Loman.12 Leine .i. leínis latine, no lin í p. 76a622.23bconcord.
Loman.13 Loscad .i. soadh cuige conid losg é de .i. bacach; no quasi lesgugud nech é p. 76a622.24concord.
Loman.14 Long .i. saxanberla sin .i. lang .i. gac fada uile, ⁊ inde long dicitur. p. 76a622.25concord.
Loman.15 Luachair .i. liuch in úir imbi. p. 76a622.26aconcord.
Loman.16 Letrad, quasi latratio; no lethar-soad .i. soud in lethair é p. 76a622.26b-27concord.
Loman.17 Lon .i. báoth p. 76a622.27concord.
Loman.18 Letir .i. tirim a leathfliuch a leat aile. p. 76a622.28concord.
Loman.19 Lotar a mbi braichlis .i. tinol ar tinol na lennann cuici, ut dicitur. lotar (.i. comtinol) na fuair iar ndib rigaib rath. p. 76a622.29-30concord.
Loman.20 Lon .i. torc. (.i. craide) p. 76a622.31aconcord.
Loman.21 Lon .i. báoth p. 76a622.31bconcord.
Loman.22 Lorg: lorcon enim grece auidus deuorator; .l. lorc didiu angbaidh ł laind fordiuglantaid; ł lagin a laginis, lagon graece asta .i. .l. dogairdis do o trib anmannuib .i. domnaind, galeoin, lagin; galeoin roaltsat labraid fora longas. IT galeoin autem batar iar naimsir icobuir ailella maic rosa a mbrathar for tain bo cuailgne; unde dicitur. xxx. c. na ngaleon; ⁊ nidat gailenga, ar us cian már re cormac galeng roferad tain bo cuailnge.
p. 76b
p. 76a622.32-37concord.
Loman.23 Mullach .i. mul-óach .i. cluasach. p. 76b622.38concord.
Loman.24 Mala .i. moo a lloig oldas int édan. p. 76b623.1concord.
Loman.25 Mallann .i. na malach; ł fainde oldas in mala féin. p. 76b623.2concord.
Loman.26 Muad mullaig .i. medon in mullaig p. 76b623.3concord.
Loman.27 Mell .i. milliud e, ł millti p. 76b623.4concord.
Loman.28 Muine .i. a muinio .i. daingnigim. p. 76b623.5concord.
Loman.29 Mesan .i. aon as mesa do conaib é. p. 76b623.6concord.
Loman.30 Molt .i. a folt ł a ailt ł a sult .i. a féth. p. 76b623.7concord.
Loman.31 Méth .i. a féth. p. 76b623.8aconcord.
Loman.32 Maoth .i. mo cis meth. p. 76b623.8bconcord.
Loman.33 Maotal .i. maot ⁊ fuil. p. 76b623.9concord.
Loman.34 Más .i. a fás, ł mo tig as. p. 76b623.10concord.
Loman.35 Mennat .i. mian-ait .i. ait is míanach la cach. p. 76b623.11concord.
Loman.36 Midach .i. do eachaib é, ł maith-ech. p. 76b623.12concord.
Loman.37 Muindter .i. muin-toir .i. maine toirit do nech. p. 76b623.13concord.
Loman.38 Mias .i. is fois í. p. 76b623.14aconcord.
Loman.39 Mecon .i. mo cinis as. p. 76b623.14bconcord.
Loman.40 Meng .i. mi-engna í .i. drochenigh p. 76b623.15concord.
Loman.41 Mong .i. mo a hong .i. a fochaide .i. maíle ł léithi ł cudum fora . p. 76b623.16concord.
Loman.42 Mang .i. mo is eng; ⁊ inde dicitur luaiti mang ina a mathair .i. derb. p. 76b623.17concord.
Loman.43 Muit quasi mútus .i. amlabar p. 76b623.18concord.
Loman.44 Maide .i. mo a faide oldas a letfad, ł mo uait é p. 76b623.19concord.
Loman.45 Moit .i. -ait. p. 76b623.20aconcord.
Loman.46 Miscais .i. mo is cais í .i. casus tuitim; ł sgis neich oca deicsin.
p. 76c
p. 76b623.20b-21concord.
Loman.47 Mun quasi mo is aon; ł quasi min a uerbo mingo latine. p. 76c623.22concord.
Loman.48 Mir quasi mur a nomine mursum latine p. 76c623.23concord.
Loman.49 Mart quasi mortus .i. marb. p. 76c623.24concord.
Loman.50 Mant .i. a saint bídh. p. 76c623.25concord.
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