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Aboacus / iusChester-le-Street, County DurhamStamp of private tile-maker
Abuccu[s]Llanberis, GwyneddBronze vessel
AdatuucusWereham, NorfolkBronze steelyard
AdixouiBath, SomersetTin disc
AdminiusAD 39–40
AesibuasBath, Somersetc. AD 175–275Alloy sheet
AessicuniaBath, Somersetc. AD 275–400Alloy sheet
AesuLate first century BC to early first century ADCoin
AesucKingscote, GloucestershireCoarse pottery
Aeđi(c?)?Late first century BC to early first century ADCoin
Agr / AgeLate first century BC to early first century ADCoin
AlatuccaNewport, Isle of WightCoarse pottery
[A]launaBath, Somersetc. AD 275–400Alloy sheet
AlbisoVindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 92–115Writing tablet
Albuc[…Caerleon, GwentSamian ware
Ale / ScaLate first century BC to early first century ADCoin
Aledus ?Vindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 92–115Writing tablet
AmbLondonDish of Antonine dateCoarse pottery
AmbSlonk Hill, East SussexCoarse pottery
Amba[Vindolanda, NorthumberlandAD 107?Writing tablet
AmbicapitiColchester, Essexlate second/early third century ADPottery
AmbicciBloomberg excavations, LondonAD 65-80wood
AmminusKent?Late first century BC to early first century ADCoin
Analeugus ?Vindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 92–115Writing tablet
Anavion[usVindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 92–115Writing tablet
Andangiv[ ?Vindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 92–115South Gaulish samian bowl
AndauerVindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 95–105Writing tablet
AndecarusVindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 92–115Writing tablet
AndocSt. Albans, HertfordshireAugustan contextCoarse pottery
AndocoMid to late first century BCCoin
AnnamorisBrougham, CumbriaTombstone
Anted[ios] / AntedrigLate first century BC to early first century ADCoin
Arcuttius / Arquittius ?Vindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 92–115Writing tablet
Argentokoxosthird century AD
Ario[Colchester, Essexmid to late third century ADMarble panel
AriovistusKenchester, HerefordshireOculist's stamp
AtavacusUley, GloucestershireLead sheet
Atcivio[s]Colchester, Essex?AD 43–60Brooch
AteciuThruxton, Hampshire?AD 43–60Copper-alloy brooch
AtgiviosWroxeter, Shropshire?AD 43–60Brooch
AtignomarusBloomberg excavations, LondonAD 65-80wood
Atined[East Farleigh, Kent3rd centuryLead sheet
[Atr]ectu[s]East Farleigh, Kent3rd centuryLead sheet
AtrectusVindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 92–115Writing tablet
Atto Vindolanda, Northumberlandc. AD 92–115Writing tablet
AttoCorbridge, NorthumberlandStamp SIIXTI.M dated to c. AD 160–200Samian ware
AucissaAll Cannings, Wiltshire?AD 43–60Brooch
Aucissapassim?AD 43–60Brooch
AudagusBrougham, CumbriaVSPSSSandstone altar
AunLate first century BC to early first century ADCoin
AunillusUley, GloucestershireLead sheet
AustusBath, Somersetc. AD 175–275Alloy sheet
AuuimpusCirencester, GloucestershireBrooch
AđđedomarosMid to late first century BCCoin

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